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Sep 8, 2006
Small News Bits- 02 Art, Crowdfunding Date, Train Station Display, & X2 in Hong Kong

Some news!

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We have a small batch of news, a few of which are updates, a few new!

First up, the Bandai Digimon Twitter put up a new social media image featuring the Digimon from Adventure 02.

It mentions the characters from Digimon Adventure 02 appear in Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna! The poster looks forward to what activities V-mon will do and they are delighted!

It's a great image that should make you smile. (It went up less than 10 minutes before the most recent podcast started, but we got it in there.)

Then we have something new...

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At the Seibu Railway Ikebukuro and Shinjuku Stations they've added signage that is broadcasting a special video with thanks for the 20th Anniversary. They also tease an unspecified special project on August 1st.

This is a ton of video advertising at railway lines in 2 popular areas.

Then an update on the crowdfunding project!

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It will begin 7pm (Japan time) on August 22nd. Additional details on the crowdfunding project and the new animated shorts can be found here.

Last up is some more photos of the Digimon X2!

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The Digimon X2 has been on display at ACGHK 2019 (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong), with hands on demos being available over the weekend. They also showed off the stickers that will be given out to pre-orders in Asia. Thanks to DC_sp1 (2) for the images and details of this one.

Nothing super large at the moment, but some fun stuff.