Siliconera Interviews Habu about Cyber Sleuth


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Sep 8, 2006

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Gaming website Siliconera has posted an interview with Digimon games producer Kazumasa Habu.

You can read the full interview there, and sometime in the future we'll add it here to archive it.

The interview focuses on Cyber Sleuth, and to be honest, feels a bit dated, as it feels like it could have been plucked right out of when Hacker's Memory was about to come out, and much of the information is not only stuff we've known, but has been repeated a number of times.


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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
Praise Lord Habumon

nice interview. Some interesting notes about Mastemon there actually, I do prefer the version of Mastemon we ended up with compared to the in development version. Interesting she was supposed to end up in Re:Digitize. Her not doing so ended up with Mirei as Dr Who so I suppose the delay was worth it in the end lol.

Interesting he brought up that Durururua thing he mentioned on Twitter that one time a while back.

The main thing here is that he said the Cyber Sleuth characters might guest star in a future title. Please do, it'd be nice to see them again - and what I want most is for them to give Chitose a Mega. It really annoys me they left him only with Ultimate level Digimon. He's in the same situation as Cody since they both have Shakkoumons I guess... go make a new Shakkoumon Mega so Cody and Chitose can both get themselves a nice new unique Mega that isn't just Vikemon (or use Olegmon, my personal choice)

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Feb 23, 2007
Mastemon's concept arts were interesting and taking out giant weapons of her wasn't bad idea. And her being supposed to be in that PSP game surprised me... Re:Digitize didn't have any new Digimon, correct? Decode had Titamon and RustTyranomon

Yeah... Poor Chitose. Every character in the most Digimon games have their Ultimate form partners but there are so few of them like him who only have Perfect Level. He is sorta... You know "forgettable?

That reminds me, what happened to Digimon questions/answers at twitter? No sign of it yet?