Show You My Brave Hearts Vol. 4, Ticket & Event Info for Ayumi Miyazaki 20th Concert


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Sep 8, 2006
Show You My Brave Hearts Vol. 4, Ticket & Event Info for Ayumi Miyazaki 20th Concert

Been awhile since one under this title...

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It's been almost a year since Volume 3 of Ayumi Miyazaki's concert series 'Show You My Brave Hearts' (with a number of alternate named events since then), so it's time for 'Show You My Brave Hearts Volume 4', which this time also carries an additional 20th Anniversary tag. While he worked in the industry as a musician for a number of years, 1999 was when his solo career began and he released his first single (which was Brave Heart.)

Volume 4 will be a one night event with 2 parts on June 22nd.

The A (day) part will begin at 2:30pm (doors open at 2pm.)
The B (night) part will begin at 6:45pm (doors open at 6pm.)

Both parts will be held at the Shibuya Rex in Shibuya.

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It's a smaller, more personal venue than a number of recent events have been.

Different tickets will be available via Passmarket:
S tickets, which get you into both the A and B part will begin pre-sales on March 2nd at noon. Pre-sale end March 22nd at 6pm. S tickets will have limited numbers based on the space at each event. S tickets will also gain entrance to a special autiograph session inbetween both concert parts.

Tickets for the separate A and B parts will begin on March 30th at noon. Sales end May 10th at 6pm.

It appears if tickets are still available as of May 10th a second period will open for A and B tickets thru June 18th.

Entry priority at the end even will be given to S tickets, then to pre-bought A and B tickets, and then 'day of' tickets.

S tickets will be 9,000 yen, A tickets will be 3,500 yen, and B tickets will be 4,500 yen. A required drink fee of 600 yen applies to all tickets.

If tickets don't sell out online additional will be available at the venue for 500 yen extra.

The tickets themselves will be collector's items with an original design. Prior tickets were drawn by Kenji Watanabe, but no announcement has been made regarding that this time. It is worth mentioning the image above includes what appears to be new art of Miyazaki's mascot character, Stradion, designed by Watanabe.

We expect exclusive products to be announced closer to the concert dates.