Show You My Brave Hearts Vol. 3 Exclusive Products Announced


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Sep 8, 2006
Just a few weeks left until it's time for some concerts...

Show You My Brave Hearts Volume 3!

The 3 night Ayumi Miyazaki concert series takes place in June and Mojost has announced some of the themed items that will be on sale at the events.

These items all feature Stradion, designed by Kenji Watanabe.

First up is an oversized sticker. A bit over 3.9 inches in diameter, this sticker costs 500 yen.

Then is a Stradion acrylic keychain/stand. This features an SD version of Stradion that can either be used as a keychain or put on the included stand to act as a small display item. It's a bit under 3 inches and costs 1,000 yen.

Last up is the Stradion Learning Set. This includes a B5 (7.2 x 10.1 inch) notepad with a nice case. In addition it comes with a multifunction ballpoint pen that is also a stylus, flashlight, and smartphone stand. The set is 1,200 yen.

These items (and very likely other more general items, including reprints of prior products) will be on sale at the venues holding the Show You My Brave Hearts concert events.

Details of the events can be found here.

Mojost generally will announce additional stock for sale at some point after the events, but if you want to be sure you'll get them you'll have to find someone going and have them nab what you want for you.