SHFiguarts Angewomon Figure Announced- Pre-Order Details & Images


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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new figure!

From Digimon Adventure, Angewomon is getting a Figuarts, and a rather nice looking one...

The description of the Angewomon figure is:
Angewomon, the perfect form of Hikari Yagami's Digimon partner Tailmon, appears in the SHFiguarts series!
With completely new modeling, the proportions and poseability are realized!
In addition, you can move the 7 wings on her back and pose them dynamically!
Two facial expression parts are included, along with parts for Holy Arrow!
You can reproduce the pose of shooting the special move Holy Arrow!


They also point out the glossy painted helmet, to give it a metallic sheen, and various accents having bright colors.
They believe they've faithfully reproduced the popular Digimon character from the anime, and also molded in uneven skin from the clothing and accessories.

The figure is about 150mm tall.

The contents include:
Main figure body
Replacement left and right wrists (2 types each total)
Replacement expression parts (2 types total)
Holy Arrow parts set
Stand set


The SHFiguarts figure of Angewomon will be up to pre-order roughly 33 hours after the time of this post at Premium Bandai. It costs 10,780 and ships in April 2023.
S.H.Figuarts エンジェウーモン

Very nice looking figure, but not cheap. It's definitely one of the nicer Angewomon figures we've seen though.

A few extra bits...

Premium Bandai Japan is currently harder to access, so a bit extra for those who want to pre-order and not wait to see if there is an international release.

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Apr 30, 2017
Hot damn, this is a nice surprise. I suppose Angewomon isn't an entirely unexpected choice for merch, but I was starting to give up on the SHF being continued, and I actually kind of expected a model kit instead. So this is pretty cool!

(The facial expressions are a bit naff though, not gonna lie)


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Aug 19, 2021
Oh wow, I did not expect Digimon Figuarts to return.

Neo ArchAngemon

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Mar 23, 2007
Sooooo looking at this... this is almost the exact same Body that's in the Gatomon digivolver release a couple of years ago. The added wing articulation and the large feet are amazing but the body itself is almost identical. And im Still gonna buy 2 of them... and customize the 2nd one for a FallenAngewomon

Edit: Pre-ordered mine from KuramaToys
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Oct 27, 2022
The price is harder to swallow considering the previous SH Figuarts Dukemon is cheaper at 9,900yen. Does the volume of her wings contribute to that much plastic increase... For context, Dukemon has that wired cloth cape and huge shield.

I see that they are going with the usual female body type joints which look elegant when they are straight/ stretched out but when the knees are bent, they leave huge gaps. I prefer if they use the type of joints used for characters like Spiderman where the joints look more natural.
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