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Feb 26, 2020
Heya guys! I'm on a school break so I would like to read some good Digimon fanfic. I would like to hear some suggestions! It can be anything, just drop your favourite one here!
My favourites are:
• "Panick in Edo" by Appaku: I'm a Miyako fan ^*^.
• "Thoughts of the children" by Dark Quiviut : I cried. I can only say this. The parts about Taichi and Mimi are the best imo and Joe is pretty interesting! I would have liked a sequel with the characters of D2.
• " Tales of Tear Jumpers of Shinjuku" by Sage Striaton: it's the only Tamers fanfiction I've ever read and it's about the Tamers' kids going on random adventures. She/He has a great way of explaining the children's minds and it's like a coming of age because the kids even become adults in some chapters. It's a lil sentimental reading *\*.

drop yoursss