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Mar 19, 2017
What it say, feel free to share your theory debunked or not.
My old theory qbout the Afro guy being Akmetsu style robot army that used to learn human behavior was reinforced on latest episode.
The afro guy was see in different country that make no sense for him to be there.
For example: He work as delivery service that got send to egypt because of bad gps and then he work in America as part of Nasa.
we may rule it out as just comedy but he may be literally hundred of robot with the same face and multitude of talent.


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Nov 27, 2014
I've got a few Yuujin theories!
-There is no human Yuujin, he was always a robot. And just like he said, his friendship with Haru was a simulation. But that doesn't mean it was "fake", unless the Appmon's friendships with their buddies are also fake.

-He's gonna go through character development similar to Offmon's. They've already established parallels between Yuujin's relationship with Haru and his relationship with Offmon; when they were little, Yuujin wasn't good at making friends until Haru extended a genuine hand of friendship to him. Similarly, Offmon was too afraid to get close to anyone, and Yuujin had to reassure him that it was okay to open up to others. Not exactly the same, but similar enough to point out I think. Then there's what happened in Shutmon's first appearance: Offmon went from a friendly, sweet, gentle little ball of cute into a mindless and uncontrollable killer. It can probably be assumed that Offmon/Shutmon's original purpose- his programming- by Leviathan was to capture and fuse with Bootmon so they can form Rebootmon and do... whatever Leviathan wants to do with Rebootmon. And that this "berserk" state is actually how Shutmon was intended to behave. He's able to break out of it, however, when Yuujin intervenes and reminds Offmon of their friendship. Oozora Yuujin and YJ14 can be compared to Offmon and berserk!Shutmon, respectively: Yuujin and Offmon are kind and friendly and good-natured, whereas YJ14 and Shutmon are (initially, at least) single-minded killers blindly following their programming/Leviathan. Because of all this, my theory is that Haru is going to attempt to bring Yuujin out of YJ14 in the same way Yuujin brought Offmon out of Shutmon.

-There's been so much building up of Yuujin's "I'll give up my life to protect Haru" promise, I think it's safe to assume he's gonna die in some way. But I really like what G-SANtos pointed out in the Episode 47 discussion thread: Gaiamon's profile states that it can create organic life. The main character's buddy's final form can create life, and it's heavily implied that said main character's best friend is going to die. I'm slightly less confident in this theory than my other ones, but I think we might just see a reversal of what happened with Den'emon. Den'emon's organic body died, but his mind/consciousness/soul/whatever got transferred into a digital body, where he continues to live. It's possible that Gaiamon will go all Blue Fairy and create an organic body for Yuujin after his robot body dies, so that he can be free from Leviathan's programming and live a normal life with Offmon, Haru, and his other friends.

I think I have a few more theories about Yuujin because I love that boy, but I just can't communicate any more thoughts right now. I'm spent.