SCSA D-Scanner Ultimate Previews, from MonMon Memo


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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 96 is a preview of the upcoming SCSA D-Scanner.

The translation is the provided one from Digimon Web, with very minor touch-ups at best otherwise.


To all Digimon fans! hello!
My name is N, and I am in charge of the planning and development of "Super Complete Selection Animation D-Scanner".
From today until the end of the reservation period, I would like to tell everyone about the appeal of SCSA D-Scanner on Monmon Memo!

Ladies and gentlemen, have you seen the SCSA D-Scanner reservation page and the DIGITAL MONSTER 25th anniversary program delivered on September 30th?

If you want to know the detailed information of the product, please check it first!

<Pre-Order Info>
<DIGITALMONSTER 25th Anniversary Program>

From now on, I would like to steadily disclose top secret information that has not been disclosed on the reservation page or the distribution program!
First of all, although you can't check it on the reservation page, I think there are people who are wondering what the top of the D-Scanner looks like.
This time, I would like to show you the top surface of D-Scanner.


In fact, it looks like this, and the part where the bar code was read in the past is equipped with a full-color LED.

There were many scenes in the animation where this part of the D-Scanner was emitting light, so it was implemented to reproduce that.

And the black part in the middle is the hand sensor and infrared transmission/reception part.

The former detects hand gestures during Spirit Evolution,

The latter is used when D-Scanner of different versions communicate with each other.

We were able to install these functions without compromising the appearance as much as possible!

Please look forward to the front and back as they are carefully made.

Next, it will be additional information about Digimon's Special Move.
Those of you who watched the 25th anniversary program of DIGITAL MONSTER may know this.
After the SCSA D-Scanner Evolution into a Digimon, press and hold the black button to activate its Special Move!

If it is Agnimon, "Burning Salamander" will be activated, but the second long press is "Salamander Break",
The third long press covers "Fire Darts" and all Special Move.
That's why Agnimon's Special Move has a total of three sounds.

Of course, the other Digimon will also cover multiple Special Move, so please look forward to it!
As for what happens when you press the black button, there is actually a shout when attacking.
Each time you press it, multiple voices will be activated in order, such as "Ha!"
This is unique to pretending with toys, but if you press the button at the timing when you become Agnimon and attack
You can feel as if you are Agnimon yourself!
Please use single press and long press properly and work hard in battle (lol)

And for today's final piece of information,
Actually, in the menu screen of "SPIRIT EVOLUTION", there are two items for Evolution to Ultimate level.

"HYPER SPIRIT EVOLUTION A" is the one where the playback timing of the song starts from the beginning
In "HYPER SPIRIT EVOLUTION B", the playback timing of the song starts from the lyrics.

The reason why there are these two effects is that the Evolution scene of the Ultimate is split between Takuya and Kouji on the screen.
There are two patterns, one that Evolution at the same time and the other that Digivolution in the order of Takuya ⇒ Kouji.

With the former pattern, Kouji's Evolution will always start from the beginning of the song's lyrics.
In order to reproduce the Evolution effect at that timing, I decided to divide it into two patterns of Ultimate effects.
Therefore, if you want to Evolution normally, "HYPER SPIRIT EVOLUTION A",
If you want to Evolution in the flow of Takuya ⇒ Kouji, please choose "HYPER SPIRIT EVOLUTION B" and play!

It's a small difference in production, but in order to reproduce both, these functions are installed.

We have introduced everything from light content to core content, but next time I would like to introduce the design of the product package.
Please take a look at the next article!
See you soon!

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Jun 17, 2016
Planning the development of new Digivices has got to be one of the coolest jobs in the world. N is a lucky person!


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Oct 6, 2022
Charlotte, NC
i second that. I wish these promotional has a way or had a built in V-pet feature just for fun.


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Jun 17, 2016
i second that. I wish these promotional has a way or had a built in V-pet feature just for fun.
I'm still hoping for a 20th anniversary release of a v-pet D-Scanner, returning to Takuya's and Kouji's regular/original D-scanner designs. Might be too much wishful thinking, though.
It doesn't even need to have the scan feature. A LED light like the one on the SCSA would work too.