SCSA D-Scanner Ultimate Previews 2- Packaging & Voice Info, from MonMon Memo


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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 97 is another preview of the upcoming SCSA D-Scanner.

The translation is the provided one from Digimon Web, with very minor touch-ups at best otherwise.


Ladies and Gentlemen! Hello!
I'm N, in charge of the planning and development of "Super Complete Selection Animation D-Scanner".
I would like to convey the charm of SCSA D-Scanner to everyone this time as well!

If you're reading this article, I'm sure you've already checked.
You can check the reservation page of SCSA D-Scanner and the DIGITALMONSTER 25th anniversary program distributed on September 30 from the following.
If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out!

<Pre-Order Info>
<DIGITALMONSTER 25th Anniversary Program>

From now on, I would like to steadily disclose top secret information that has not been disclosed on the reservation page or the distribution program!
First of all, this time, I would like to release a limited package for those who have seen Monmon Memo!

First is ver.ULTIMATE RED.


Next is ver.ULTIMATE BLUE.


What do you think?

On the front of the package is Takuya and Agnimon, and Kouji and Wolfmon
On the side, the spirits necessary for each Ultimate Evolution are lined up.

And on the top are KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon respectively.

I think that those who have purchased SCSA D-Ark can imagine,
The product logo on the front and top of the package is scheduled to be stamped with gold foil.
We aimed for a cool and stylish design to decorate!
Of course, if you display them side by side, it will look even cooler, so please pick them up!

I would like to supplement the voices of Bokomon and Neemon.
When Bokomon first sees Evolution into Agnimon in the first episode,

"This is... one of the ten legendary warriors, Agnimon of Flames!"

I think there was a line like that.
When you actually do Spirit Evolution with a toy and Agnimon is displayed on the screen
This voice is activated by pressing the select button (right).

Similarly, in the case of Garummon...

Bokomon: The Warrior of Light, Garummon!
Neemon: "Did you chew gum?"
Bokomon: Garummon!

Like in the work, the voice is activated by the interaction between Bokomon and Neemon!
The voices of Bokomon and Neemon will be activated in the same way for other Digimon, so I hope you can look forward to it.
*This voice will not be activated only during Slide Evolution.

And as a final topic, I would like to supplement the breakdown of character voices.

The following will change depending on the character displayed on the home screen.
■ When Digimon is not displayed on the screen (default state)
・Takuya Kanbara
・ Flamon
・ Ophanimon
■ When Agnimon is displayed on the home screen
・ Agnimon
■ When Vritramon is displayed on the home screen
・ Vritramon
■ When Aldamon is displayed on the home screen
・ Aldamon
■ When KaiserGreymon is displayed on the home screen
・ KaiserGreymon
■ When Susanoomon is displayed on the home screen

■ When Digimon is not displayed on the screen (default state)
・Kouji Minamoto
・Kouichi Kimura (Loweemon)
・ Ophanimon
■ When Lobomon is displayed on the home screen
・ Lobomon
■ When Garummon is displayed on the home screen
・ Garummon
■ When Beowolfmon is displayed on the home screen
・ Beowolfmon
■ When MagnaGarurumon is displayed on the home screen
・ MagnaGarurumon
■ When Susanoomon is displayed on the home screen

That's what it feels like.

You can play more than 400 words for each character in total!
Also, unlike the normal Susanoomon, the 5 version of Susanoomon that appeared in episode 50 Digivolution through communication.
The dialogue that sounds with the character voice function also includes the dialogue of the five characters, so please check it out.

We introduced a lot of things today, but please look forward to the next update!

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