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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 83 is a short introduction to certain details regarding images on the screen for the Super Complete Selection Animation D-Ark.

The text below uses the machine translation from the official site due to lack of time. We will see about swapping it out when/if there is time for a proper translation.

I have cleaned up a small handful of terms that translated poorly or swapped terms around, but very little else was touched.

Hello everyone!

I'm N in charge of SCSA D-Ark development.

I would like to continue to convey the appeal of SCSA D-Ark to everyone this time as well!

What happens when you turn on the power with the SCSA D-Ark for the first time ...?

Do you remember this screen?


That's right!

It will be the screen that was actually displayed on D-Ark when Takato gave birth to Guilmon in the first episode.

When the power is turned on, the DigiEgg will be displayed and the hatching effect will be played as in the program.

* The main body of Renamon and Terriermon will start with the same effect.

The scene where Digimon are born is a very exciting scene, so please look forward to it!

And this is the first time I will tell you

In fact, slashing "Super Evolution Plugin S" or "Blue Card" not only regenerates the Evolution bank, but also Evolve the Digimon inside!

To explain in detail what this means, in fact, this SCSA D-Ark has a function to memorize the Evolution phase, and it is a specification that Digimon is displayed in the state of the basic screen.

In this way, we recognize that it is a Child Digimon now.

At the time of initial startup, it is a Digimon in the Child, but if you slash "Super Evolution Plug-in S", these Digimon have Evolution into the Adult.


As you can see, by slashing the "Blue Card", these Digimon will Evolve into a Perfect.


And it Evolves to the Mega by playing the Evolution bank of the Ultimate by operating the button.


In this way, not only does the Evolution bank play with a card slash, but the Digimon inside Evolves, and in this state it becomes possible to play the lines of that character for the first time.

So, when Guilmon is displayed on the screen, you can not play the voice of Growmon or MegaloGrowmon, you can play the voice of Takato, Guilmon, Culumon, and the conversation, and Growmon is displayed on the screen. You will be able to hear the voice of Growlmon for the first time in the state.

* You can listen to Takato, Culumon, and the conversation voice even in the state of Growmon.

Of course, if you Evolve it, you may be worried that it will not be restored, but as with the program, there is also a function to degenerate the character, so please be assured.

I hope you can play with this as well by changing the settings to your liking.

And, as for the last topic today, we will release the screen of BGM playback mode.


The song title and equalizer are displayed on the screen, and this screen moves while the song is playing!

Although it is a toy original display, it has a smart and cool design.

I hope you can play and play your favorite songs here.

Of course, you can also play the lines of the character while playing the music, so please recreate that scene and listen to the lines while playing the BGM.

The other day, I made an announcement on the official Twitter of Digimon Web that the audio is being recorded ... Actually, this time SCSA D-Ark uses the newly recorded audio, except for some audio!

Next time, I would like to introduce some of the lines actually recorded in D-Ark.

Also, I would like to publish the images of the paint sample and card sample of the main body of D-Ark.

Please look forward to it next week!

* All images in the article are under development.
* Product details are subject to change without notice. Please note.

Prior details about the Super Complete Selection Animation D-Ark can be found here.

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Jun 23, 2020
Actually, this time SCSA D-Ark uses the newly recorded audio, except for some audio!
This is definitly about them having to recycle Renamon's original audio from the show.