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Sep 9, 2006
- Respect the other RPers. Obviously the big one. RPGs are based off working with other people to make a coherent story, so you need to be respectful of the other members. If you can't stand someone but you're in the same RPG, too bad. Keep OOC disputes out of IC interactions.

-Proper spelling and grammar. It's a pain to read posts you can't understand. The forum has a magical tool called the spell checker which, checks your spelling. Use it. It doesn't take much longer and it saves everyone else from spending too much time trying to decipher your posts. You don't have to be the God of English (and if you are a God of English, don't throw around any superior attitude), but make an effort, please.

Also, there is no official minimum word count you need, but you need to make sure that when you post, you're giving enough for the other players to work with. What i will say is this, if a mod/admin tells you to bring your posts up to scratch (i.e you've done a few short posts) then you sit up andtake notice. Too many short posts are likely to be classified as spam.

-Basically, the game maker's word is law. Simple enough. They set specific rules for their RPG, you have to adhere to them. However, this works both ways. The GM/DM/whatever you want to call it also needs to be mindful of the players and not be a total jackass.

-Staff word trumps the GM's. If I have to put on my mod hat and make a statement, then you better listen to what I say.

-Do not exclude people from RPGs unless there is a valid reason (like spelling/grammar issues). Games often have player limits and that's fine, but don't exclude someone just because you're waiting for your best buddy to sign up. If you reserve a spot, get a full profile up within 24 hours. Otherwise, your reservation is nulled and other people can try instead.

-I'll just add something new about bumping RPGs. I'm going to go ahead and say that I will allow revival of dead RPGs. Sometimes life catches up to the players and things die, and later they want to give the RP another go. And that's fine, if your RPG has died and you've discussed it with the other players, feel free to revive it. However, be reasonable about this. If you've tried twice already to revive it and it failed, it's probably better to just let it die for good. And make sure you have the support of at least a few of the other players in the RPG, because two people replying back and forth doesn't really cut it.

-Another thing I've been seeing a lot of is people just kinda stopping participating in one RPG to go to another. In short? Please don't do this. If you join an RP, you're expected to commit to it. If another shiny RP comes along that you really want to join, then do so. But do not neglect one RP for the sake of another. It's a rather dick move, really. Especially if people are counting on you. If you do want to leave an RP? Write yourself out rather than just dropping the thing so people don't end up waiting on you.

I won't set a limit on how many RPs a person can participate in. Different people can do different amounts. But don't go around joining all of them if you'll only end up posting in one.

-If someone hasn't posted in over a week without letting someone know (this does not have to be the GM, it can be another member of the RP), a reason they can be kicked. You CANNOT kick someone before the time is up. BUT If they come back after the week, and have a valid reason for not posting in the time frame, they will be allowed back. (This should not be used an excuse to only post when you feel like it!) This does not mean you can do that often, this is gonna work on a 3 strikes basis. So if you go over the week limit more than twice, you can be kicked on a perma basis. Please note that do not get someone else in to replace the kicked person for an additional week.

-For new RPs, if someone joins and hasn't posted in the first week, they can be kicked without the additional given time.

Things may be edited or changed as needed. I'll leave this open for now in case anyone has questions. Remember staff word is overall law and the main forum rules apply.