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Dec 10, 2021
RPG Pitch: TCG

Unique roleplay involving the trading card game. In the not-too-distant future the ability to virtualize oneself on the internet leads to the spontaneous appearance of A.I. beings. The advent of the digimon. Who created them? Where did they come from? As it turns out, once the internet has evolved enough it becomes the bridge that connects various timelines and alternate worlds. The deeper you go into the far reaches of the internet, the more mysterious this rabbit-hole gets. How is this possible? Could it be some mysterious magic within the digimon linking all of this together? When will we discover the truth?

With cybersecurity factions installing digital shields into avatars (that being an internet-wanderer's physical form in cyberspace) the only real way for tamers to potentially harm each other is by playing the card game and attacking directly.

Players have 3 lives but can restore themselves in special circumstances. If not they glitch more until losing their last life and getting deleted permanently... There are also ways they can simply be ejected back into the real world, and their real bodies.

Roleplayers can make special dibs for up to 2 rookies each, as unique partners for their characters. At the start our characters are simply wanderers on different parts of the internet, on personal quests ranging from exploration to settling grudges to understanding the sinister truth behind this new digital world, its impact on humanity and the future.