Road to Digimon Card Master 10- Starter Deck 7 & 8 Intro, w/ Memory Gauges & Playmats Preview, & Match


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

It's the 10th episode of Digimon Classroom spinoff/side series 'Road to Digimon Card Master'

This time we get an introduction to Starter Deck 7 Dukemon & 8 ULForceV-dramon, out tomorrow.

During the introduction we also get a look at the reversible playmats and memory gauges that come with the new starter decks.

After the intro they play a match with the new decks.

A few screenshots...

Digimon Card Game Starter Decks 7 & 8 are out tomorrow in Japan!

We have clean card images for Starter Decks 7 & 8, plus Delay Promos, Tamers Battle Pack 5, 1st Anniversary Promos, & Pulsemon.

We've also begun to get previews for Booster Set 6 Double Diamond, which will feature characters from Kizuna!

Plus we have the first details for the 1 year anniversary of the card game, including a number of fun things!

And images from previous Digimon Card Game releases:
Starter Decks 1, 2, and 3, and first 10 promo cards
Booster Set 1 New Evolution
Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power
V-Tamer Promo Cards
Purple/Black Promo Set
Tamer Battle Pack 1 and Tamer Battle Winner's Card
Booster Set 3 Union Impact
Starter Decks 4, 5, & 6, plus Tamer Battle Pack 2 & winner's Card 2, & 1st 2 scene vote cards
Booster Set 4 Great Legend, Tamer Battle Pack 3, 3rd Scene Vote, Dark Digimon Promo Pack, & Apparel Cards
Booster Set 5 Battle of Omega, plus Tamer Battle Pack 4, 4th Scene Vote, & Vital Bracelet Pack-In Cards

Previous episodes of Digimon Classroom:



I'm a Maniac
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Feb 13, 2011
hey look
stuff that makes the bundle worth $10 instead of a single booster pack


Ain't got no mojo...
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Feb 23, 2021
I wish they would release the images for those playmats like they did in the past. I love the veemon and ulforce but I dont want to use a papermat.