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Sep 8, 2006
Been a huge wave of stuff in the last week...

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With all the news, especially in the last day, a news index is a good idea, to make sure no one missed anything. It's possible if they keep throwing news out over the next few days we may do another of these...

So let's see what has shown up in the last few days...

These are being grouped into sections, and aren't based on 'when' they were posted.

Digimon Adventure 20th Film in Spring 2020, Plus Poster and Logo!
- We got these a bit earlier than Toei planned. The art is pretty amazing.
Teaser Trailer, Cast, Website Updates- Our first teaser trailer! Plus the cast from tri. is coming back!
Collaboration with Hatsune Miku- Digimon will be collaborating with Hatsune Miku! The key art is done by tri. character designer Uki Atsuya!

19th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Children's War Game!- It was just the 19th anniversary of probably the most loved piece of animation in the franchise!
Second Adventure Escape Room Anounced, Apocalymon as the villain!- A new escape room was teased last year, but we finally have details!
Adventure 20th Stationery Announced with new Rainy Days Theme Art- We've gotten all the art from the upcoming 20th stationery products, this link shows the final key art. There are links contained to showing the separate art of each kid and their Digimon partner.
Butter-Fly Wins Special Award at the Heisei AniSong Grand Prix- Celebrating roughly the last 30 years of anime music before the new era begins in Japan, Adventure's theme won an award!

Translated Interview Details with Yu Yuen-wong, Creator of various Digimon Manhua- In many countries we didn't have Digimon manga, we had Chinese manhua released in English!

Early Frontier Designs- With the upcoming Blu-ray box, Bandai has shown off early designs for Agnimon and Wolfmon.
Frontier Blu-ray Box Packaging Preview- Our best look yet at the packaging for the upcoming Digimon Frontier Blu-ray box.