Re-Opened Last Evolution Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station Details


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Sep 8, 2006

As previously announced, the Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-on Station will be reopening.

The reopened cafe will run January 14th through February 7th at the Ani-On Station Akihabara Main Store.

If it opens that is. A state of emergency declaration has been proposed for Tokyo, so it may be cancelled/delayed further.
Update- State of emergency has been declared. It doesn't require places to close, they are seemingly just being 'asked' to shorten hours.

The details for this version of the cafe have been announced. As mentioned previously, it will be by reservation only via here.

At a glance, it appears the details for the cafe this time are what was announced for the 'Part 2' version of the cafe that was previously cancelled.

We won't be going over the details again since they appear to be the same, but the details from our previous articles about it should apply. That includes Part 2 details, menu & products. As announced for the original Part 2 cafe, various elements of the Part 1 version of the cafe will also be included.


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