Questions about the Version 15th/Version Complete Digivices!


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Aug 10, 2020
Hey all! I made my first Ver 15th purchase a few weeks ago: the D-3 Ver 15th and I'm loving it. But I've been looking into some of the other Ver 15th models and I have a lot of questions about the breakdown of the different devices, their functionalities, and rosters. Wanted to throw in a hypothetical question about the Ver Complete as well, which I have on pre-order, at the end.
  • I somehow unlocked the "Next" menu option on the D-3 Ver 15th. I thought you could only unlock this by connecting to a D-2 Ver 15th, but I guess that isn't the case. The Next option showed up after I messed around with my D-3 and connected it to a USA D-2, a Japanese D-Terminal, and a Japanese D-Ark Ultimate while testing its compatibility. Anyone know how this could have happened? Someone theorized that it mistook the USA D-2 for the D-2 Ver 15th. Additionally, is there any way to "trick" the system into thinking that I've connected to a D-2 Ver 15th to unlock Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, since I tricked it in the first place to unlock the Next option anyway?
  • Even though I have the Ver Complete on pre-order, I've been tempted to get a D-2 Ver 15th to tide me over until February, and also to just unlock Paladin Mode on my D-3 on my own. However I've been a bit confused about the releases and rosters of each of the Ver 15th releases. I know the anime color has Wizarmon, Veedramon, and Hackmon as additional partners. And I know that a re-release of the Taichi/Yamato Ver 15th Digivices had Zubamon, Meicoomon, and dark eivolutions for Agumon/Gabumon. What about the original releases of the Taichi/Yamato Ver 15th Digivices, did they have anything special? It's all a bit confusing and videos on YouTube aren't too clear about which version they're covering, so I just wanted some clarity on that.
  • Question about the Ver Complete for all of you: Do you think it'll have the exact same functionality and secret partners of the Ver 15th? Do you think it'll include all of the additional partners mentioned above? I'm also wondering if it'll retain functionality with the D-3 Ver 15th, as I'm a completionist and really wanna unlock Paladin Mode on my D-3 at some point, but don't want to drop another $300-$400 on a Ver 15th just to do it haha.
Thanks for all your answers and discussion in advance!