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Oct 8, 2006

They are airing the show here in Latin America...but wikipedia also says they are airing it in USA.

The main character is Pucca (for which the series is named), the daughter of a Chinese noodle house owner. Pucca is in love with the traveling ninja whose name is "Garu", who tries desperately to avoid Pucca's advances and usually does not return her affection.

Many greeting cards and flash episodes center around comical antics by Pucca to steal a kiss from Garu and the competition at times between the two characters. While Garu is a skilled ninja, Pucca always seems to best him in combat, unintentional competition, and simply by sheer wit. There is little to no dialogue in these flash cartoons so that fans all over the world can enjoy them. The most popular place for westerners to access the Pucca Funny Love cartoon series is Puccaclub.com.

The characters are quite popular in Europe and Asia, with TV animation in cartoon channels in Europe and South America. These animations are compiled into a DVD, available in Germany. An UK children's book publisher (Hodder's) has also published a series of Pucca children books. In Israel, a Pucca branded snack was launched on May, 2006.

There is also an on-going manhwa(Korea "manga") series in Korean, and translated into Chinese and German, of Pucca and Garu travelling around the world.

There is also an animated series that airs in Korea, Latin America and recently in North America..