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Sep 8, 2006
A big batch of stuff this weekend!


After Digimon Adventure: episode 51 aired, Digimon Web put up the profile art for Burpmon, who made his anime premiere in the episode. The attached message:
Thanks for watching episode 51, The Mystery Hidden Within the Crests!

Burpmon has its 1st anime apperance!🍖
In the LCD toy Digimon Twin it appears when a Digimon gains too much weight.
Here is the official illustration & it will be added to the reference book tomorrow!

Look forward to episode 52- Dance of the Heavens, Hououmon

And we get new art by Kenji Watanabe!


The art shows off Wisemon with a so big you can't really see them Burpmon, looming. The attached message:
Wisemon & Burpmon...

Then a contest for kids in Japan...


The Wonder is holding a coloring contest. Entrants just have to draw the Chosen Children and/or their Digimon to be entered to win prizes.

2 winners will get a Vital Bracelet and Dim Card Set, while 6 winners will get a Digimon Card Game Booster box.

It runs through July 31st.

And then a pop-up shop update...


The first of the Adventure: Pop-Up Shop -Sweets Party- shops have opened. We aren't going to go over the items again, but Ensky put up new higher resolution images of the products. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

Prior details, including product info, can be found here.

Then some product updates...


First up, the upcoming Dukemon Figure-rise Amplified model kit has gotten a final release date of June 26th.
Pre-orders are still open at HLJ. (links help the site)

And then, Digimon Web showed off the plastic frames for the 0.5 Dim Cards. This is the first time Dim Cards will have foil as part of the design.

Thanks to Mugenlazlo for the heads up about the model kit.

And then some vintage toy photos...

Digimon Web was feeling nostalgic, so they tweeted (2) (3) various images of old 'The Digimon' figures. These were some of the earliest Digimon merchandise outside of the V-Pets themselves.

And to finish off with...


Konaka has done a number of Digimon Tamer blog entries over the past week!

These are 'very' abridged to his blog posts and at best should be considered a small preview. It's highly recommended you use a browser translator and read through the blog posts yourself. Consider these a very short best of.

Episode 30 1
Episode 30 2
Episode 30 3
Episode 31 1
Episode 31 2
Episode 31 3
Episode 31 4
Episode 32 1
Episode 32 2
Episode 32 3

Prior Konaka Tamers' Blog Details:
Tamers OP, ED, Insert & Character Songs, Story Retrospective Intro, & Episode 1
Episodes 2 & 3
Episodes 4 through 9
Episodes 10 through 14
Episodes 15 through 18 & Tamers Digital World
Episodes 19 through 24, Yoshio Urasawa & Digimon, Takanori Arisawa's Music 1- Before Digimon, Makuramon Speaking, ED1- My Tomorrow, Fall 2001 to 2020 and the Present
Episodes 15 through 29, Takanori Arisawa's Music 2 Digimon Adventure & 02, and 3 Digimon Tamers & Frontier

Like before...
A few random things gleamed from them... A small list of bits from these (overall), as he goes over a lot, hopefully there is time for us to do a full translation later. Some of these details are things we knew, but perhaps further clarified... (these are quickly translations, but hopefully mostly accurate)

Episode 30
30 is where the digital world of Tamers condenses. The approach of Tamers is "adventuring is hard."

The party reassembles this episode.

Perhaps on purpose, this episode has a lot of drawings done single frame. Lots of effects animation, and dynamic animation, It's almost like a theatrical film. In the past Konaka was delighted when he saw the Gold Lightan episode "Target! Mannatsuka". This gives him as similar feeling. [Gold Lightan was a giant robot show about a giant robot that is disguised as a tiny lighter. Minus an appearance in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, it's largely not well known in the west.)

Hirokazu and Kenta have a disagreement. Hirokazu says he is thinking of having an Angemon for his partner. Kenta says no, there is no Angemon to be a partner for Hirokazu, he can't have one. Hirokazu can have Sukamon. (Apologies to Sukamon.)

They come to where they first fell into the world. The images had nothing in common with where the flag was. This was a mistake on Konaka's part. Maekawa reconfigured it with a distinct mesa.

The flag is gone. Guilmon says it smells like Culumon.

We get an update, Yamaki is watching the news.

A sandstorm and a pillar of light! Konaka comments on the image of Takato that has often been used as a meme, since Takato doesn't put his goggles on to block the wind/sand. Why doesn't he wear them? If you watch the episode, you'll see it is a very sudden sandstorm.

Beelzebumon faces off against a number of Chrysalimon and his theme song starts to play. Chrysalimon is an adult form between Keramon and Infermon. it didn't appear in Our War Game.

Beelzebumon's bullets are unusually shown in CGI. No shells are ejected. They may be gyrojet rockets. Even if they don't hit anything directly, it just obliterates the Chrysalimon...

Culumon is resting in a forest. It realizes something is trying to draw out its power.

Beelzebumon realizes an evolution to Infermon has happened.

Ruki and Culumon are reunited. A sharp yell from Renamon tells her to run away. A tsunami is right behind them.

Guilmon comments he smells Kyubimon over there. He looks up and they see Ruki and Kyubimon running towards them. They see the flag, and Culumon!

Culumon jumps into Takato's arms and they hug. Culumon is tired and falls asleep.

Beelzebumon has found them.

Kyubimon notices the red bandana on his arm, it isn't possible?!

They recognize him as Impmon.

Taomon evolves to fight.

Beelzebumon gets on Behemoth and rides off to avoid the storm.

The storm gets worse with more lighting, Taomon's barrier is destroyed. Leomon is able to grab and protect Juri, Hirokazu, and Kenta. Culumon is pulled into the void. Caturamon grabs Culumon.

Taomon puts up the barrier again to protect them. Takato, Jenrya, and Terriermon have fallen out. They are grabbed by the pillar of light.

Guilmon yells for Takato.

Konaka comments this a hard episode to summarize, as a lot happens. It has a lot of bleak scenes, with the 'oasis' of the forest. It has the 'sphere' of the real world in the background as much as possible. Konaka should have been in charge of traffic-calming episodes, but he was busy working on the big third part and working on the big finish of the digital world episode. Maekawa was dedicated to being a team player while Beelzebumon was defined by his dialogue.

Culumon is a MacGuffin. But he does have a clear ego, likes, dislikes, and is capable of actions.

Konaka feels this was an interesting development. Viewers at the time may have felt that the story felt rushed and incomplete.

Yamaki returns to the role of facilitator to bring Takato and the others back. After episode 24 Yamaki is on the side of the heroes, but is still in a fundamentally problematic position. As of 2021 the technocrats have run amok, and will continue to do so.

Episode 31
Konaka thought this episode would be slow. He wrote about it in 4 parts instead of 3 parts.

30 episodes in Urasawa wrote his last Tamers script. Konaka only realized later he had seen a number of gag shows Urasawa wrote back when Konaka was a child.

As the title suggests, Hirokazu becomes partners with Guardromon. Takato, Jenrya, and Terriermon are absent.

After episode 21 with the introduction of Juri's family may have inspired Urasawa. Orochimon, a heavy drinker, was the antagonist.

Andromon throws a rock into the lake and calls for Orochimon.

This episode has reminded Konaka of the time he went to a sake brewery to research for Ghost Hunt.

Act 2 has Takato and the others.

Juri recognizes the smell of alcohol and the others are surprised. She is the daughter of a small restaurant owner, so she's sensitive to alcohol.

They are at a sake brewing factory, they want to treat Andromon's wounds.

They eventually convince the Gekomon who work at the factory to help them treat Andromon. They use the alcohol to disinfect the wounds. Guilmon brings some of the data packets they used to make alcohol, it can be used as a medicinal agent for Digimon. (Konaka notes he was not aware of this.)

Andromon is healed, but in light he becomes a smaller Digimon. Guardromon.

Orochimon shows up again and captures Juri. Leomon rushes to save her.

She yells that she is ok... because she is the daughter of a small restaurant owner. She is used to handling drunks.

Leomon isn't sure that is the problem at hand...

Juri has been taken to Orochimon's home. What is he going to do with her?

He tells her to pour sake. "What? Is that why you brought me here?" Konaka wonders if this portrayal is overboard for modern times. Child labor, kidnapping. He's concerned that a story such as Cinderella might be banned.

Juri plans to give him all the sake he wants to get him drunk.

Leomon is upset and worried, as no matter how much she says she is the daughter from a small restaurant, and used to dealing with drunks, it isn't like Orochimon is like any drunk.

Guardromon doesn't have the strength to get up yet. Hirokazu says he can't. Guardromon says a way they can help his friends.

They block the way of the Gekomon and bow their heads, asking for help. They debate what peace is, what it can be, etc. They will help.

All but one of the Orchimon heads are passed out with hangovers. Juri is annoyed that one of them doesn't seem to be getting drunk.

The Gekomon deliver their tribute liquor. He is pleased with their hard work. Everyone is hiding in the barrels.

Konaka comments that on the PC images are different sizes, while on mobile they will appear the same, as he's describing the action.

Juri is excited they came for her. She knew they would. She got him as drunk as she could to help.

The Gekomon are saddened... Orcohimon becomes stronger the more he drinks alcohol...

'tis a shame. Fuhahahahaha. She comments to Leomon that she did something wrong. Leomon tells her not to worry in a gentle fashion.

Konaka shows a panorama he made from screenshots of the hero characters in this episode, he began to use it as his Twitter background. He notes that even though elements had to be drawn small, everyone is standing and appears quite wonderfully, almost like they might in a movie. He thinks the difference between Juri and Ruki is especially fantastic.

Juri is still disappointed that she thinks this is her fault. Hirokazu tells her she is a tamer, be more confident, come on!

After encouragement from Hirokazu and Guardromon she decides her other way of fighting can be a card.

She pulls out LadyDevimon's card. It's Juri's first real card slash! When she slashes in episode 21 there was no flash of light. Here we get a bright one.

Great power pours into Leomon. His eyes glow and he spits intensely. This is LadyDevimon's terrifying technique, Poison. It returns the power used against Leomon to Orochimon. There is a big explosion, quantum decay... things become peaceful.

It's Juri's first victory. Kenta wants to be a tamer as soon as possible.

HIrokazu smiles at Guardromon as the Gekomon start to sing, as peace has returned.

Something shines in the air. A D-Ark in his hands...

Guardromon wonders if he is Hirokazu's partner. Hirokazu grabs him and yells that he is a tamer. Ruki seems surprised. Juri congratulates him.

Kenta sits down and is saddened. He's all alone not being a tamer.

Guilmon wonders what Takato is doing...

We see Takato and the others fall into water, data packets appear. The episode ends.

Yoshizawa made the scene where Hirokazu become a tamer very exciting and touching. Konaka knew it was coming, but admits he got a little teary eyed.

He was happy Ursasawa liked Juri and showed her full potential. It shows she didn't join the adventure as baggage. Her bond with Leomon has deepened.

Leomon's position was almost like a sage who joined the adventure as a truly outstanding character.

Konaka felt a bit heartbreaking with this episode. As he had to consider the fate of both of them for the future...

At the launch party for the series Konaka told Urasawa it was a pleasure to get to work with him. Urasawa was smiling calmly.

Episode 32
This episode is just Takato, Jenrya, and Terriermon. The information here is so vast there isn't room to have many kids and Digimon, so it has limited characters. The current state of the digital world, of god, the true nature of the ark. The most important info is the secret of Guilmon's origins.

The only Japanese member of Wild Bunch who has unknown whereabouts is Shibumi, a nickname given to him by Masaki from the novel. The impression is that he is a suspicious person, mixing blue cards into the carding card scene. It was assumed from the beginning that he was in the digital world.

However, he had concern that the image of a person who went to the digital world, longing for it, might look like Oikawa from 02. Since he was shown in episode 17, Konaka and Masaki discussed what to do prior to this episode.

Having a 'mentor' in the digital world who can explain what's going on to Takato and the others is important. It would be boring if it was normal though. They discussed what would be appropriate for Shibumi. They discussed who he would be, actor wise, if this was a live action film. They both know a lot about Japanese films, especially horror, and thought of Taro Suwa. He's an actor who appears in many low budget indie films in Japan, and Konaka knew him as he wrote a film he was in.

He asked Takumi Obama of Toei Tokyo Studios if Suwa could play the role (he believes he did a favor to Seki by asking directly so she didn't have to.) It's not impossible to get a voice actor to do this sort of thing, but they felt they needed Shibumi to be unique for Tamers.

This was Suwa's first experience with the post-recording method used in anime, and Konaka is sure he was out of sorts. Masako Nozawa was the 'chairperson' of the Tamers recording studio, which leads to a warm atmosphere and he thinks Suwa got used to it.

Modern anime fans might not hear any real different, but he isn't joking. It is Tamers. It was a crossover between real and digital, reality and fiction, live action and animation.

Therefore, Masaki was in charge of the redefinement of Shibumi, and also his tone of voice.

The men in black find 'Shibumi' and he runs away. The figure scatters into a digital field, a shadow appears that isn't a human. It's a human imitating a Digimon and not Shibumi?

As an aside, he notes that often men in black in stories appear in trios, as they do here. Konaka prefers to write people alone, or as duos.

The parents of those who went to the digital world without permission gathered, and members of the Wild Bunch explain.

They explain the concept of Digimon (Konaka points to Tamers 1984.)

Terriermon keeps getting card slash combinations to try and break through a wall, but not much headway is being made.

The PDA is getting a signal, and they get a message from Yamaki. He hopes they are safe and he wishes them luck.

Konaka explains how you would write letters on a PDA (you would draw representations of them.) Konaka notes this is easier than the 'flick' input of iOS and Android (flick is the most common method on mobile for Japanese smartphone owners), this 'graffiti method' was easy to learn. He doesn't like typing on his phone. If he has to, he uses an English Qwerty layout.

Until the Workpad, Japanese users typed in Japanese thanks to a Japanese localization kit, J-OS, made by Tatsuji Yamada. It used Japanese fonts, and was easy to input with. Konaka things it was freeway.

The show doesn't mention how Takato learned the graffiti input for the PDF, but he considers the instructions easy, so it wasn't impossible.

Wireless communication wasn’t possible with the Powerbook. There was no Wifi. Notebooks with sims weren't common until recently. His Thinkpad Carbon has one... Hmm, Yamaki...

The main focus of episode 32 is the dialogue with Shibumi, but it was discussed to show follow up with the parents.

Masaki thought up the flow of act 2 after they discussed not to have it be simply before Shibumi was shown up. Takato and the others had to use hard work to get to him.

We see them sending messages.

The water should of destroyed the PDA. The water... isn't real? The water didn't destroy it because Takato didn't think of it as such. So if they dive and believe they can't drown...

Jenrya dives. Terriermon chants moumantai. His father, and Yamaki, await news on what happens, they have no choice but to wait.

After the count of 300 he surfaces. He is fine. He tells Takato to touch his hair. It is dry.

Terriermon got wet earlier because he thought he would. His dad is pleased at the update that he is ok.

Yamaki tells them finding Shibumi isn't possible, he's had people look. The others react with surprise that he has disappeared.

Shuichon has made an 'Alternative' Terriermon plush to play with. [A bunny with a paper horn.]

Terriermon and co arrive at a house floating underwater. It looks like an old school building.

Terriermon opens the door.

Shibumi will finally appear in act 3.

Konaka likes the scene of them entering the building, it feels like Jean Cocteau's Orpheus.

Speaking of Cocteau, he is partially to his version of Beauty and the Beast (noting it isn't like Disney's, or similar versions.) He wrote a pastiche of it for the live action drama Alice6.

Konaka doesn't think he came up with the idea as Leomon being Juri's partner (he thinks it might have been Producer Seki), but he went along with it because it had a very Beauty and the Beast kind of visual.

A room that's like an old library. It's a database. There are Mokumon floating around... replacement for lights?

They enter a room that's like a university lecture hall. A ship floats in the middle? It looks sort of like a Digivice.

A semi-transparent man is lying on the lecture table...

Talking to him, he says he is still sleeping. That will not be understood until later.

He doesn't believe he is the only one. All humanity sleeps. The next time they awake will be the time of a new evolution.

Takato shows him the Digivice. Ah, an ark?

Jenrya wonders if he is one of his dad's old friends. When he says this, the man recognizes him as the son of 'Tao'.

In 02, the Digivice changed the name and model number. But Producer Seki decided they would use the name 'Digivice' in the future, which was done in Tamers. Konaka isn't aware why they called it a D-Ark for the toy. It had to have the card reader, which made it harder to put it in the pocket. Kaizawa had Takato wear it on a string. Ruki used a belt clip, Jenrya put it in his pocket.

Konaka wondered whether a meaning could be given to the shape, and if such a thing should be brought up in the animation. The show after all, was essentially a program to promote something. It isn't like a transforming item for a hero, that had no use outside of transforming. The D-Ark seemed to have possibilities. He came up with the idea of the virtual window to scan information. He didn't know why 'Ark' was chosen though. He decided it would also have a meaning. It would eventually become Grani, the ark that would transport them from the digital to the real world.

It was based on the device the Wild Bunch designed for children in the 80s, so he wanted to show it here with some nuance. He doesn’t remember consulting Aramaki about it. He thinks Nakatsuru might have designed it.

The name DigiGnome is shown for the first time. It was designed by Nakatsuru since it wasn't a Digimon.

It isn't a Digimon.

It's an AI that is different from Digimon. The name itself is arbitrary.

The digital world is a metaphor for the network of the real world. But it might be connected to other places, dimensions, universes, so there is a wide range of things to show, not just computer metaphors. This idea is something Kakudou aimed for in Adventure/02, so you can say this is something that was inherited.

This is part of why there are other beings in the digital world. With this, it would seem strange if it was just Digimon. The DigiGnomes, and the final enemy, the D-Reaper. It visualizes the idea of 'magical events' from the first part of the series.

A DigiGnome brings a blue card. He explains the idea behind the blue card. DigiGnomes can't speak, so they try to show what they mean by actions. They begin to operate on Takato's D-Ark. It projects the drawing of Guilmon. Data packets were absorbed by the original drawing, digitized, and the 'shape' of Guilmon was born. It wasn't magic. Guilmon is data, just as the others. The four holy beats, the 'gods' of the digital world are explained. Konaka notes they appeared in the series before Tamers.

The Ark releases a beam that grabs Takato and Jenrya. It's time to go.

Shibumi falls asleep.

The DigiGnomes see them off as the ark flies.

Takato things of what he has been told about how Guilmon is created. Terriermon comments he is the same, all Digimon are like that.

Takato had a more ideological view of what Digimon were and now that's been challenged.

Where is the Ark going?

Konaka doesn't think kids would understand everything Shibumi was talking about. It'd be nice if you could remember even fragments though, as if you remembered Tamers later, you might remember that you had heard that way of thinking in the past.

Decent sized batch of stuff for the weekend.


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Apr 11, 2017
Does Burpmon have a level?

Is the drawing contest easy to enter? Thought it was gonna be twitter related but the website says other wise lol


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Feb 4, 2018
Show someone a picture of Burpmon and Beelzebumon and ask them which one is the Gluttony Digimon.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Ha ha ha. Burpmon. Funny. And Wisemon again. Cool. Those are some old toys. But yay. A kid's contest. I never could draw so I never did anything like this.


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May 25, 2021
Burpmon, the digimon born of Kirby data(?
Talking seriously, it make happy me watch a Digimon from "Digimon twin" in the anime.
I'm lovin it Digimon twin for his backstory and see this Digimon i am excited.
sorry if you don't understand what i'm saying, still i'm practice.


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Nov 16, 2020
And he ended up being Unknown. I had this feeling. It's only Culumon and him, right?


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Aug 13, 2016
"Unknown" was certainly the most logical choice. :)


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Nov 16, 2020
And he ended up being Unknown. I had this feeling. It's only Culumon and him, right?

NEO was first
True. I always forgot that NEO is in the RB among the other Digimon. It makes me wonder if other digital lifeforms like Rhythm or Yggdrasill itself will be added.

Anyway, given his profile and since he has no defined level, Beelzebumon could technically become Burpmon


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Feb 21, 2017
Bolton, England
And he ended up being Unknown. I had this feeling. It's only Culumon and him, right?

NEO was first
True. I always forgot that NEO is in the RB among the other Digimon. It makes me wonder if other digital lifeforms like Rhythm or Yggdrasill itself will be added.

Anyway, given his profile and since he has no defined level, Beelzebumon could technically become Burpmon

Yggdrasil is in there, listed as a Mega


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Nov 16, 2020
Oh I totally missed that. Ultimate, uh? Interesting


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Jan 13, 2008
Lima, Peru
So, Berenjena could be a gyrojet weapon?
Technocrats amok in 2021? lol
Nozawa beign the fairy godmother of seiyuu industry doesn't surprise me at all. She's so lovable <3


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Nov 16, 2020
Oh I totally missed that. Ultimate, uh? Interesting

What level would Yggdrasil be, if not the highest one?
To be fair, had I not already known I would have guessed something like "Unknown" because "such power cannot be measured" or somesuch. :unsure:
Yes, and not only for that reason. "Ultimate" is a defined level that is part of the ordinary evolution ladder of a Digimon (and it implies that the subject evolved from a lower level Digimon, I assume), but Yggdrasill is another kind of entity, so I wouldn't have categorised it using a classical level, at least in the RB. But knowing that it is in fact an Ultimate could mean that Digimon and Yggdrasill share common roots, or they are programmed in the same way. Or, whatever, they just wanted it to appear powerful and I'm thinking too much.

Edit: Also, I was forgetting that it is just an avatar that Yggdrasill could have intentionally made similar to a Digimon.

I'm sorry for the digression. Burpmon is a fun Digimon anyway.
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