Profile & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 44 Art, Reference Book Updates, & Konaka Tamers Blog Updates & Behind the Scenes


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Sep 8, 2006
A small but fun batch this weekend...


After Digimon Adventure: episode 44 aired, Digimon Web put up the profile art of various Digimon that appeared in the new episode. The attached message:

Thanks for watching episode 44, Hikari & the Moving Forest!

Entmon, a new Digimon from the Pendulum Z makes it's anime debut!
It's a fearsome Digimon to compare with Petaldramon, who has plant abilities.

Please look forward to episode 45, Activate, MetalGarurumon .

And then we have new art from Kenji Watanabe!


This time we get a cute image focused around the end of the episode. His attached message:
Petaldramon, Hikari...

Earlier in the week we got the reference book update for 3 Digimon featured in Blizzard Fang.



And last up..


Konaka has done a number of Digimon Tamer blog entries since last week!

The recent entries being covered are:
Episode 2 Part 1
Episode 2 Part 2
Episode 3 Part 1
Episode 3 Part 2
Episode 3 Part 3

He also recently added Part 1 of Episode 4, but we will cover that when Episode 4 is done.

Prior Konaka Tamers' Blog Details:
Tamers OP, ED, Insert & Character Songs, Story Retrospective Intro, & Episode 1

Like last time...
A few random things gleamed from them... A small list of bits from these (overall), as he goes over a lot, hopefully there is time for us to do a full translation later. Some of these details are things we knew, but perhaps further clarified... (these are quickly translations, but hopefully mostly accurate)

Episode 2

He was initially surprised when Seki Hiromi gave the idea to have Masako Nowawa play a 'newborn Digimon', but she was confident based on Nozawa having played Rascal, the title character from Raccoon Rascal. The series ran for a year in 1977, and was about a young boy finding a young raccoon and adopting it as his pet, and trying to train it.
Nozawa also was the narrator, and in the first two episodes, the narration was told in a purposely gentle way, almost as if it were a fairy tale.

When he first joined, the series was going to be called Digimon Adventure EVO (as he's mentioned before.) The title was a suggestion from him, based on him liking the title of the manga Digimon V-Tamer. He suggested 'Digimon Tamers' as the title. Later he thought how unusual it was that as a screenwriter, that they took his idea and used it, since it was a major work.
Until 2018 he thought that V-Tamer was a video game. He was taught the proper information behind it by Volcano Ota. He doesn't mention, but this was likely during the Hacker's Memory livestream right before the game came out, where they were both guests (among others), as they went over various anime related things since the Tamers Blu-ray box was coming out soon at the time.

Regarding the color-mosiac panel in Hypnos that is seen a number of times in the series, he notes that it probably appears as a more focused shot via the goggles the characters wear in Hypnos.
When act 2 begins for episode 2, we see Ruki run past as a pillar of light appears. He notes how it was night (generically as a reference to how it doesn't necessarily make sense for Ruki to be there at that time.)
The Digimon introduction screen appearing as a virtual display was his idea, and was an element he also used in Lain. He notes he's seen someone used an LED fan to reproduce it, and it was pretty close, but of course, you need a rotating fan to do it that way.
When discussing card slash, he mentions how SLASH! by Michihiko Ohta became one of the songs that plays in his mind most.
Goblimon evolving and Ruki's shocked reaction was meant to show the idea that perhaps evolution hadn't occured in the real world, and that, even if the viewer didn't know it yet, it was connected to Culumon, who was nearby.

He brings up how when Gamera was going to be revived in the 90s, him and his brother were the first to write the story for it, and how it's included in a big Heisei-era Gamera book from a few years ago and how his brother wanted to do it differently than the older Gamera films, and he wanted it to be different than the recent (at the time) Godzilla Vs. films (at the time that Gamera was being revived, nearly every Godzilla film for a decade had been 'Godzilla Vs. Someone' as far as framing went.)
That story was cancelled, and the film we know as Gamera: Guardian of the Universe was made. Looking at how the film did, he believes they made the right choice. He also notes that he wasn't even in a position to complain, as he was paid properly for it.
He brings it up because while he didn't think about it at the time, but he realized the second half of episode 2 of Tamers is roughly similar to the Gamera story. Roughly because of course, Guilmon is Guilmon, and the main character is entirely differently.

He then brings up something that might be a surprise to many fans. The target age they aimed for was lower than Adventure and 02, and he feels that was necessary so that real elementary school students would feel that 'grand adventure' of the story.
He notes that now, in 2021, times have changed, and even large TV boxes are thin. The packaging of modern TVs could not hide a Guilmon.
Guilmon smelling bread and running off wasn't just based on food, he recognizes that the smell of bread smells like Takato (his family runs a bakery of course.)
Terriermon being included was based on Seki Hiromi liking him in Hurricance Touchdown and deciding he woudl be a regular in the third year of the anime. Konaka watched the film and paid attention to the acting of Aoi Tada. The character was made different from the show for a number of reasons. Seki Hiromi wanted one of the main characters to be a returnee, and this was a at a time when foreign children was beginning to increase in Japan. The producer in charge from Fuji TV was Daisuke Kawakami, who was a returnee. Since Wallace in the film was caucasian, they decided Terriermon's partner should be Asian, and having him be half Hong Kong, half Japanese. While discussing the characters Seki Hiromi came up with the phrase she wanted Terriermon to say, Moumentai! (No problem)
Terriermon and Culumon had to be recorded before the plot was done due to toy releases. When recording Terriermon, when Petit Twister was said, Konaka wondered if it sounded right. Was this how it sounded in the movie? Was it like this? The question kept bubbling in him, and he decided it was probably due to a combination of time that has passed since the 02 movie, and that Terriermon in the film mostly appears in more dramatic situations. Hearing Terriermon call 'Jen' made him float, and hearing 'Moumentai' made him lose it. He was sucked in Ms. Tada's performance and thought "This is how Tamers' Terriermon is."

Guilmon being heavy when jumping on Takato in the 2018 audio drama was a repetition of it happening in episode 2 of Tamers, it was a scene he had a strong memory of.
He thinks about the impossibility of Digimon appearing in reality, and that he thought of that for the show. In the early 2000s when he wrote Tamers, he had the 'consideration of an adult' that he was pretenting to children, but he also had that childhood 'wishful thinking'. He believes he still had a little bit of a boy's heart left at that time.
As he writes this now, he doesn't believe he could write something like Tamers wish such passion again. Aging gives us wisdom and knowledge, but it's also cruel, as with time you lose what was important to us.
He wants aspiring creators and scriptwriters who liked and watched Tamers, who would like to create an anime for their youth, or a novel, whatever it may be. He asks that you work on it while you are young, there are things you can only write when you are young.
Digimon is a big project, there are many complicated aspects to the content of the franchise. He did many things out of line for a screenwriter at Toei Animation, with a brutish persona and an iron skin (which he notes he could only do because Hiromi Seki allowed it.) Now that he's over 60, he can only that directors, screenwriters, and others will create things in the Tamers mindset.

Episode 3

He felt dissatisfied with the monster movies coming out right up to the time of Tamers. He found monsters generically shooting rays at eachother to be boring. In more recent years, this has become monsters made in CGI, and he still finds them boring. Fighting between beasts in animal documentaries often didn't have a lot of moving around. He was still thinking of the Digimon in Tamers as monsters. They had a communicative relationship with humans, and then when it is time to fight, instinct takes over. It's possible to do in anime, but in live action, it's hard to do without greatly improved suits. With it being possible here, you can see the emotions are real, and how Takato can't stand Guilmon in that state.

When the instrumental of Slash played, with the sax playing the melody instead of singing, he's just amazed at such perfect song selection.

Renamon's impact attack is a reference to Sudden Impact from The Big O (co-written by Konaka). Guillermo del Toro used a similar attack depiction in Pacific Rim.
Moumentai is a versatile response.
Ruki defines Digimon as part of a game. If you look at her relationship with Renamon to this point, obviously that isn't quite true, but Ruki is stubborn and doesn't like to deviate from the path she has chosen.
Takato referring to Guilmon's Home as a 'secret base' is no doubt something a boy would have dreamed of once.
A character commenting they won the 'Cathode Tamer Tournament' is indeed a reference to the early Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer games. The original plan for Tamers was to have Ryo appear in the digital world in the middle of the story.
Konaka was the most worried about keeping the Digimon hidden. He knew they would eventually be something 'recognized', but thought reality was important early on. The boom in mascot characters would come roughly 10 years later. He noted a dinosaur mascot character based on Dino-Park Jurassic/Cretaceous in 1993. The voice of the dinosaur introduction character was Chika Sakamoto (Agumon.)
Guilmon walking around would be like if a kid saw a monster, they'd want to touch it. He remembers a Tsuburya Productions event on a rooftop in the summer from when he was little. It was a dark maze and he had no guide. But there was a real (or he thinks it was real) Ultraman monster costume there. He remembers it being Kiyla (episode 38 of the original Ultraman.) He was washed in the foul odor of latex.
Surprisingly, ordinary people did not think Guilmon existing was suspicious, it is something the world accepts. Later, Hiroyuki Kakudou was said to have been shocked at this scene. [This is likely referencing how often in Adventure/02 the characters go out of their way to hide/disguise the Digimon.]

The D-Arc 'voice' saying evolution is 'Robot' from MacInTalk, the artificial voice from the old version of MacOS. (The same voice was used in Lain.)
The dramatic 'unwanted' evolution of Galgomon uses the instrumental rather than vocal version of the evolution theme.
'Of course' he wrote the scene of the gatling arm shooting with the laughing. He laughs and muses on Kenji Watanabe's original design, and the animation design of Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, laughing and powerful, with a design featuring firearms on both arms.
The third episode ends in a disturbing manner, Ruki hyperventilating and unable to stop her heart palpitating.

Having the main Digimon not evolve until three episodes in was a necessary measure, to show that the story was being told differently, and that the DIgimon are different from Digimon Adventure.
As a result of this, battles were more fierce in episode 3.
The episode having Ruki upset is also the first beat about the work depicting the lives of humans and Digimon.

A small batch this weekend, but some good art and 'lots' of Tamers info.


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Dec 4, 2018
Hiyarimon looks like the Pokemon Cubchoo


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Aug 13, 2016
Nice to see Watanabe back at it this week. <3

Seeing the statue(?) of Petaldramon with a smiley face warms my heart after his tragic sacrifice.