Profile Art & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 37 Art, Vital Bracelet Everyday Usage Photos, & Mugendramon Model Kit Release Date


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Sep 8, 2006
Another batch for the weekend!

After Digimon Adventure: episode 37 aired, Digimon Web put up an image showing off the various Digimon that had appearances this week. The attached message:
Thanks for watching episode 37 Mimi-chan Wars!

From the Digimon Pendulum Z, Sunarizamon & Gogmamon make their debut in the animešŸ”°
There was also a sense of security with Gotsumon, Goburimon, & GolemonšŸ˜Œ

Next time, episode 38 The Burning Blue Friendship.
Yamato is intense & Jou gets a lot of action! Look forward to it!

And then we have new art from Kenji Watanabe!

This time we get Mimi ready for action... and many of the others are mostly confused or nervous. His attached message:
Mimi-chan Wars.
That was a fun episode...
It was about an exploitative business, but...

And then a bit more art, but going back to episode 36...

Posted after the weekend batch last week by Digimon Web was some nice higher resolution profile art of BlitzGreymon.

And then for the Vital Bracelet...

Uploaded to the Vital Bracelet site was a photo article, meant to show off how the Vital Bracelet can be integrated into "various everyday situations." (It feels a touch "trying to hard" for me to be honest.) A number of the images were larger than would work for embedding, so they have all been shrunk to a large, but more reasonable size.

Wearing the Vital Bracelet with my daily clothes

The yellow band is a stylish accent and looks fashionable!

In the business world, too.

You can use it as a smart watch with a suit.
Furthermore, if you put it on silent mode while you're at work, there's no need to worry about it making noise!
Your Digimon could evolve while you're on the move or even in a meeting!
It'll make your daily day of work more fun!

For women.

It is designed to be worn by women in everyday situations.

Even in sportswear.

Touch link with a vending machine or card reader when entering a room!

And last up...

The finalized release date of the Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit of Mugendramon has been announced as March 20th, a month from today!

Many shops that do import based pre-orders are low or sold out of pre-order stock, but US distribution of the kit will be a month later on April 20th, and pre-orders are still open on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Some previous sample images of the Mugendramon kit can be found here.

Thanks to Mugenlazlo for the heads up about the release date.

A lot of images this time with some nice Mimi art & a bunch of sample images of the Vital Bracelet!


Sparrow Hawk

I'd rather roll
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Feb 23, 2007
I'm really happy some digimon from Pendulum Z series appeared in this Adventure 2020 besides Swimmon. But it hurts to watch them under terrible animation.

I wonder if Pomumon or Tropicamon will be there? Judging on their anime appearances, Metal Empire, Virus Buster and Wind Guardian yet have to show up themselves.

Nature Spirits: Nidhoggmon, Sunalizamon and Gogmamon
Deep Savers: Sangomon and Gusokumon
Nightmare Soldiers: Algomon Baby to Adult and DoneDevimon


I'm going digital
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Jan 24, 2020
Lol at the everyday usage because for me it will be basically every second usage. I will only be taking it off when I shower.

Unknown Neo

You got in
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Sep 10, 2006
Ha ha ha. Oh Mimi. ...You know, smartwatches are similar to this plus people did this with normal watches too. I know I did. But they could be trying a bit hard with those.


I'm a Maniac
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Aug 24, 2020
Blastmon likes to eat gems too, i'm surprised Gogmamon didn't digivolve, all we need now is Ghostmon, Tobiumon, Piranimon, Marinechimeramon, Baboongamon, and others from Pen Z 2.