Products for Animate Digimon Adventure: Shop for AGF Aozora Marche


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Sep 8, 2006

Awhile ago we found out Animate would be running a small Digimon Adventure: shop for AGF Aozora Marche.

At the time they announced the product list, but no photos of the products were available. With the event coming up soon, we have some updates!

The shop will be at the Animate Ikebukuro Head Office location between November 7th and 15th. It appears they may plan to put the items in some other Animate locations later.

The products...

Can badges- There are 8 of these and they are 440 yen each, and randomly packed.

Acrylic stands- There are 8 of these and they are 1,650 yen each.

A pouch- This pouch is crest themed and also includes the show title in English. It costs 1,650 yen.

A tote bag- This tote bag features the same style of design as the pouch. It costs 2,200 yen.

A towel- This towel features all the character artwork used on the other products. It's 1,980 yen.

T-Shirts- Both of these t-shirts feature the same design, they are just different colors. Each is 3,300 yen.

Plus a bonus...

There will be 8 different postcards as giveaways. For every 1,000 yen of eligible Digimon Adventure: products, you get one postcard at random.

A nice and small collection of items for the mini shop.

Other Digimon related things happening for AGF Aozora Marche include the return of the Kitchen Car, which we have the drink menu for, along with a temporary multi-show theme Limited Base pop-up shop.