Products Announced for Wada Kouji Memorial Live Concert Event


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Sep 8, 2006
Just about a week until this...

With just about a week left until the Wada Kouji Memorial concert event, they've announced what will be on sale at the event.

Wada Kouji Memorial Live "Immortal Butter-Fly Forever" -We Love DiGiMONMUSIC- will be held August 30th at the Zepp Tokyo as a two part concert event to celebrate Wada Kouji.

As for the products being sold...

First up, a muffler towel featuring some of the logo work for the concert. It measures roughly 7.9 x 43.3 inches and costs 2,800 yen.

A yellow light stick to wave around with the music and have as a souvenir. It costs 3,000 yen.

A very nice shirt with two different butter-fly and concert themed logos, along with what appears to be the signatures of all the performers at the event (the images they put up for everything was quite small, we will try and replace them later with larger images when they are available.) It's available in 3 sizes and is 3,800 yen.

The Kenji Watanabe and Uki Atsuya Wada Kouji Digimon Memorial Best artwork shirts. Each also comes with Butter-Fly Music Library. Each shirt/CD set is 8,532 yen. Each shirt is available in 4 sizes.

And last up...

A lot more CDs! They show off the 2017 winter cover version of Digimon Song Best of Wada Kouji for 2,000 yen, but the full list of CDs on top of that is over 30 CDs containing music from Wada Kouji and the concerts featured musical guests.

Notably, while Xros Wars will be represented at the concert, none of Wada Kouji's Xros Wars songs will be on sale, likely due to the music being with a different label.

Also, while no image is shown, for each CD purchased a shikishi will be included (they likely intended to show the shikishi, because right next to that notice it says 'image'.)

After the event, items will be available to purchase at Aniga-Ter. Items will be listed for sale September 1st thru 15th. They don't mention if they are making additional for this sales period, or if it will just be overstock from the event itself, so certain items may be sold out and never go up.

The standalone CDs won't be included in the online listings, minus the 2017 winter cover version of Digimon Song Best of Wada Kouji. When the items go up we will update along with our normal message on how to get an intermediary to help you order the items.

Further details about Wada Kouji Memorial Live can be found here and here.