Product Updates- Omegamon & WarGreymon Figures at Amazon & CR, plus Raon Lee CD Packaging


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Sep 8, 2006
A few product updates...

The Ichiban Kuji Omegamon and WarGreymon figures, being released in the US under the Ichibansho brand went up on BBTS to pre-order a few days ago.

They are now up on Amazon US and Crunchyroll, which makes a few more easy places to nab them at: (Amazon links are affiliate links)
Omegamon at Amazon
WarGreymon at Amazon
Omegamon at Crunchyroll
WarGreymon at Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is listing both figures at $52 and Amazon is listing them at $50.

Amazon lists them as coming out March 1st and Crunchyroll February 28th. Likely they are just the first week of March and the exact date isn't known yet.

In addition, Crunchyroll is listing that pre-orders close on August 4th.

Additional details on the figures can be found in our prior article here.

And then a small update on the Raon Lee x Digimon 20th cover album...

Sandbox Music is showing off the final packaging for the album. We had seen the box cover and the CD itself, and it's now shown that it's a foam insert box.

A few of the other crowdfunding rewards are shown with it.

Crowdfunding for it is open until August 14th if you wanted to order it.

Details on the various reward tiers and rewards can be found in our prior article about it here.