Product Updates for Shops- Tamers CDs at Pop-Up Shop & More Limited Base Products at Partners


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Sep 8, 2006
A few shop related updates...


First up, FeelMee has announced (2) various Tamers CDs will be available to purchase at the Digimon Tamers 20th Shop.

While they don't provide a formal text list of what CDs can be expected, the 10 in the promotion image are likely what can be expected:
All 8 Best Tamer CDs (character songs)
Single Best Parade (a collection of the various singles from Tamers)
Message in the Packet (audio drama, a precursor to Tamers 2018, and one would assume 2021)

Prior Tamers 20th Pop-Up store details, including product details, can be found here.

And then...


The Digimon Partners shop has announced they've added a number of additional items that previous showed up at the Limited Base pop-up theaters and shops. We won't go over these, as they are all leftover stock or limited reprints of items that have come out before. The full product list from Partners can be found here.

Prior details about the Partners shop can be found here.

Just a few shop updates, but nice that a stack of older products, including CDs, is coming back for one more chance to get them.


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