Product Updates- CSA Digivice Last Evo at P-Bandai USA, Amazon JP Card Set, & MetalGarurumon Model Kit Delay


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
A few different product updates to go over...

Pre-orders for the CSA Digivice Last Evolution have closed in Japan. But if you missed it, Premium Bandai USA has announced they will be stocking it.

This will be the same product as released in Japan, including the Digimon Card Game ver. 0.0 promo pack.

Pre-orders are open now at Premium Bandai USA for $90. Pre-orders close May 31st, and orders will ship in July.

Next up, something for card game fans...

Amazon Japan has a store exclusive Digimon Card Game product up to order.

The Digimon Card Game Starter Deck Storage Box Set includes all 3 day 1 starter decks, and a card storage box with a new design.

It's up to pre-order now for 1,650 yen and will be out on April 24th.

Each of the 3 starter decks is 500 yen each, so just 150 on top for the box if you had planned to nab all 3 (although shipping cost is a bit of a killer...)

Last up...

The Figure-Rise Standard Amplified model kit of MetalGarurumon has been pushed back to July. This is a short delay from the original release of June.

A handful of small product details.

Thanks to Spindash Greg for the CSA news and Mugenlazlo for the model kit news.



I'm going digital
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Apr 30, 2017
Mmm, this might be one of the last CSA's we get (if we move on to the new model), so that's tempting...


Completely digital
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Apr 28, 2019
Seattle, Washington
I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but the US release of the Last Evolution Digivice including cards from the new TCG gives me hope that Bandai thinks there's interest for the card game with their English audience. It does suck for me that I don't want the Digivice but would buy those cards especially to show my interest, just not at a $90 price for 6 cards