Priroll Adventure: Christmas Cakes Announced, with Can Badges


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

Japanese sweets maker Priroll has announced they'll be doing Digimon Adventure: Christmas cakes this year. This is after they did various Digimon Adventure: sweets earlier this year.

They will have limited quanties of the cakes and once pre-orders are sold out there won't be more.

Each sweet arrives frozen, to be thawed in the fridge before eating. They note that due to demand they don't guarantee the delivery date.

Each Christmas cake costs 5,109 yen and is roughly 5.9 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches tall.

You can choose between whipped cream and strawberry or chocolate cream with strawberries. They're advertising they have added 40% more strawberries compared to prior cakes. The design will be printed using edible ink.

A matching can badge to the cake you choose is included.

Cake design samples...

A clean look at the art printed on the cake without the cake elements...

And a look at the can badges...

Interesting to see another of these, glad to see it seemingly did well enough that they are doing it again, this time for a well known Japanese holiday staple like the Christmas cake.