Preview of Amazon Exclusive tri. Part 6 Blu-ray and DVD Box


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Sep 8, 2006
Time for another home video preview!

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This time we get to see a sample image of the bonus item being included with the Amazon version of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6!

It's a nice box that can be used to hold all 6 Blu-rays or DVDs. It features the early tri. train car artwork on one side, with the tri. Part 6 cover on the other. It creates a nice compare/contrast by using shots that are similiar, not to mention being used early in tri. and at the end. The rest of the box features the tri. style digital motif we've seen on many tri. products, including the Blu-rays and DVDs themselves.

The boxes are sized for the first print version of tri. in whichever format you choose.

Each Amazon version has been the first print version along with a single bonus item

The first print version of tri. Part 6 includes...

A transparent sleeve with an Uki Atsuya drawn cover in digipak style packaging.

As physical bonuses they will include 8 pages of line notes and a 16 page booklet.

The only on disc bonus announced so far is evolution clips, which we got a preview of a month ago...

It will swap to normal Blu-ray and DVD style cases with an insert and no longer include the booklet once these sell out.

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The DVD will be 7,000 yen and the Blu-ray will be 8,000 yen and be available June 2nd.

tri. Part 6 is currently available to pre-order. The normal versions are CDJapan affiliate links, the Amazon versions are not:
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Blu-ray
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Blu-ray (Amazon Version)
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 DVD
Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 DVD (Amazon Version)

The previous home video thread is here.

Thanks to TaiKamiya101 for the heads up.

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In addition for those seeing tri. Part 6 in theaters, there will be an version of the Blu-ray they can pick up in theaters if they get to them quick enough.

Details for the theater version Blu-ray can be found here.


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Aug 13, 2016
Aw snap, that's really cool.

Probably a pipe dream but it would be nice if the publisher of Tri here could do something similar.