Premium Bandai US Pre-Orders for Digimon Color V-Pet Ver.1 Clear & Ver.2 Smoke, Everybody Vote for Color Project!


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Sep 8, 2006

Premium Bandai US has put up pre-orders for the Digimon Color Ver.1 Clear & Ver.2 Smoke, the winners of the Everybody Vote for Color Project.

This is simply an easier way for people to nab them, there is no programming or language changes, these are the same as if you ordered them from Premium Bandai Japan.

Details for the new color shell Digimon Colors can be found in our prior article.

Worth mentioning, the v1 and v2 are not otherwise available to purchase at the moment, so if you need them to complete a collection with pre-orders of the 3, 4, and 5, this is another change to nab them.

In the past Bandai has often provided a translated manual PDF to make things easier, but that isn't a guarantee.

Pre-orders are open now for $60 each and pre-orders close August 30th. There is a maximum amount they plan to take orders for, and if they hit it early, pre-orders will close.
These ship in February 2024, 2 months after the Japanese release.

The product pages:
Digimon Color v1 Clear
Digimon Color v2 Smoke

Nothing overly special, minus that it makes it easier to nab, and cheaper, not having to use intermediary or international shipping.


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