Premium Bandai US Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promos and Tamers Playmat & Card Set plus DC-1 Imperialdramon Set


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Sep 8, 2006

With holiday sales beginning, we have details of what Premium Bandai US will be doing.

Their Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions actually begin now.

First up, a free shipping coupon that works until November 30th (You can get it from the link above.)

Then, on top of that, any order of $100 or more between November 26th and 30th will have free shipping.

Next up, a few Digimon items are being featured as part of their promotion.


The Digivice V with the Gammamon Dim Card is the only Digimon item currently orderable out of those featured.

Then we have a few newly announce items...

These don't have preview pages yet, just small promo images, so we don't know things like prices yet, etc.

First up is 'Digimon Card Game Playmat and Card Set 1 - Digimon Tamers-
This appears to come with Digimon Card Game Memorial Collection 2, which featured Digimon Tamers cards, along with a new Tamers themed playmat that I don't believe we've seen before.

Second up is the 'DC-1 Grand Prix Imperialdramon Dragon Mode set'.
This looks to be the exact set that was available to purchase at DC-1 events (Japanese info) (US info).
In Japan I 'think' the events were cancelled due to health reasons.
In the US these were given with VIP entry tickets.

Free shipping from Premium Bandai isn't bad. The new items we'll see what the prices end up being.


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