Precious GEM ULForceV-dramon Figure Introduction with Photos- Pre-orders this week!


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Sep 8, 2006
The wait is nearly over...

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After first being announced over a year ago, with a prototype shown off in May last year, and a bit over a month after finally seeing it in color it's almost time to pre-order the newest Precious GEM figure!

Pre-orders for Precious GEM ULForceV-dramon start January 10th, so Megahouse has decided to do a small preview/intro for the figure via Mega Girls Blog, which puts together bits of info we've seen before, with a handful of new details, and a few images (I think only one of them is new though.)

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Happy 2020!

Pre-Orders begin January 10th, this Friday!

A limited edition Precious GEM series figure. Digimon Savers. ULForceV-dramon (with bonus)

In the GEM Digimon Questionnaire it placed second place and it will finally be available!

It's the next member of the Royal Knights to get a Precious GEM after Omegamon!

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It's about 14.5 inches in height and the size is perfect! (Photo from exhibition at Jump Festa 2020)

It's posed with it's ULForce Saber, and the molding and coloring helps you feel the strength and style.

The figure was supervised by Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe and manga creator Tenya Yabuno!

The effect piece at it's feet is designed after the light particles from when ULForceV-dramon appeared in the manga, and the 3d arrangement of it helps show off the coolness of ULForceV-dramon.

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Different paints are used for the biological parts, such as the wings and legs, and the metallic coloring of the armor for the Blue Digizoid.

The texture feels clean and sharp and the color is good.

The figure also includes benefits, so look forward to more info.

Don't miss out on the Precious best items with ULForceV-dramon!

Precious GEM ULForceV-dramon will go up for pre-orders on January 10th for 20,000 yen at Premium Bandai, Megatre Shop, the Toei store, and AmiAmi, and is scheduled to ship in June 2020. (Price and release date weren't included in their article, but was in a recent V-Jump issue.)

This is one that people have been waiting for (in some cases for anything for the character for years and years), and the price is actually a bit lower than many were expecting. Despite not being cheap, this will likely be a popular one.

Previous details of the figure can be foundt being here, here, and here.