Precious GEM ULForceV-dramon at AGF2019. Next to Omegamon for size comparison


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Sep 8, 2006
A small figure update here...

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It's only been a couple weeks since we got a look at a finalized version of the Precious GEM ULForceV-dramon figure.

It's on display at AGF2019 (Anime x Game Festival) in Goyang, South Korea this weekend, so we get a new image from Megahouse that shows us more info regarding it's size.

It's on display right next to the Precious GEM Omegamon figure in the middle of a viewing area, giving us a really good look at the size of the figure.

It had been mentioned at the recent Digimon Talk that the ULForceV-dramon figure was smaller than Omegamon, which it is, but standing next to each other the difference is smaller than you'd expect.

It's just a quick look, but it gives us a really good idea of the scale of the finished figure design compared to Omegamon. (The finished figure was on display at Megahobby Expo, but it wasn't quite so close to Omegamon to make comparisons dead easy like this.)

In the background you can see figures from the Megahouse GEM and Gals lines for various brands, including Digimon.

Hopefully pre-orders open soon.