Precious GEM Beelzebumon & Behemoth Introduction with Photos


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Sep 8, 2006
Just a few days left...

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After first seeing a prototype of the figure last year, it's almost time for pre-orders to begin for the newest Precious GEM figure!

Pre-orders for Precious GEM Beelzebumon & Behemoth start July 26th, so Megahouse has decided to do a preview/intro for the figure via Mega Girls Blog, which includes a number of photos and information about the figure.

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This newest Digimon figure is part of the 10th Anniversary of the GEM figure series.

Beelzebumon and Behemoth are modeled and colored based on their appearance in Digimon Tamers.

Precious GEM is an evolved version of the GEM series, and they've brushed up details from the first appearance of the color prototype of the figure. They've given him a strong expression, with eyes looking straight (and red).

He's holding the handlebars with his right hand and Berenjena is pulled out and held with his left. They've given his upper body some depth, so that it has a nice appearance even when viewed from the side.

Various metallic elements are included, such as pieces on his chest, mask, waistband, bandana, etc. The paint used should give a different texture that is easy to notice.

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Behemoth is a massive figure, a bit over 11.8 inches in length. Because it's so large, it was important the quality be high, and that detail be reproduced to the smallest part.

Elements like the right foot are actually painted to be a bit dusty/dirty.

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The meter is detailed enough to be read even though it's a figure. You can see detailing on the elements even like the brake hose. They note to check out the detail of the grip on the motorbike handle.

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Mechanical parts such as lights are seen through the clear parts of the front cowl of the bike.

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The rear of the figure is also stylish down to the end of the tail. You can even see the other Berenjena equipped on his back.

They believe this is a fantastic Precious GEM worth seeing from 360 degrees around.

In addition, the product packaging is done by Kenji Watanabe! They plan to have this be a luxurious figure.

Pre-orders begin July 26th at Premium Bandai, Megatre Shop, the Toei store, and AmiAmi.

The figure will be on display at DigiFes on July 28th

Fans with the figure on it will be given out at Wonder Festial 2019 Summer, which is also July 28th.

Precious GEM Beelzebumon and Behemoth will go up for pre-orders on July 26th for 35,000 yen and is scheduled to ship in March 2020.

Previous details of the figure can be found here and here.


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Apr 20, 2017
Bayport, NY
This has got to be the most expensive Digimon toy ever made.