Pre-DigiFes 2022 Translated Details & Stream Archive is Up


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Sep 8, 2006

Earlier in the week was the pre-DigiFes stream, where we got a number of small updates (and a larger one accidentally.)

The stream archive is up.

In addition, onkei went through and did a thread with various translated details from some key elements of the stream.

We're archiving them here with our own tweets on it, which were also in the previous thread.

Thanks to onkei as always.

Text below here is onkei and/or extra commentary from me.

DigiFes 2022 will not be on disc. Remains only as an in-person event or online (JP region locked)
-Overseas fans may potentially be able to see the event somehow (not live though), and the idea is not off the table. However, there are currently no plans for this.

Ayumi Miyazaki expresses regret at not being able to do his live at the last DigiFes, and is gonna do his hardest to appear this time. [He was ill at the time.]

Can't be stated officially yet, but the Frontier otedama will be sold at a pop-up shop in August, then later on in the online shop. [AniBirth has already announced a Frontier shop for the fall, we expect it'll be there.]

Taguchi gets embarrassed when Producer Kinoshita says how it's a rare gift that he's present, as he's very busy with new BLEACH & Natsutun

Producer Kinoshita wanted to show the 02 movie script, but forgot the movie title is on there which he's not allowed to show. He tells everyone to pretend they didn't see it- Seki is going to be very mad at him lol.

The offer for the 02 movie was given to Taguchi in Oct 2020, who did not expect it since there was absolutely no talk of it after Kizuna was released so he thought that was the end. [The movie was released right as Covid was starting as a larger thing, and a new show was launching after. Those combined with companies tweaking how they were doing new productions, especially early on (such as Toei putting all their shows on a hiatus as they reworked their working chain), means he likely expected they weren't going to do anymore. The timeframe of the offer means it appears he got it right around when the movie came out in the US after a delay of roughly half a year.]

Taguchi wasn't told anything specific like, "do this as a sequel to Kizuna, or something totally new," just that they wanted "a movie with 02 kids." Since it is a movie being released after Kizuna though, it was hard to decide how to come up with something greater. [This actually appears similar to what has come up in the past regarding Kizuna, where suggestions and requests were made, but much was based on his initial pitch. The 02 kids appearing in Kizuna was specifically based on a request from Hiromi Seki that they add them in the film.]

The plot was discussed between Taguchi, Kinoshita, Seki, and Yamatoya before Yamatoya put it together into a general plot summary. Initially, they were discussing whether it be a Kizuna sequel at the time which is where "aurora" came in, but has drastically changed since.

Taguchi says that the only thing that is still intact from this initial plot summary is the "ramen" part.šŸ˜‚

Storyboard of the opening scene says "Everyone looks at the ramen bowls in front of them. Each express their thoughts on it, while Daisuke and V-mon listen with pride."

Even the opening scene itself has many spoilers, so the only thing they can show at the moment is this ramen scene. Taguchi likes 02 kids for their chattiness and close proximity with their Digimon and chose the ramen scene to reflect that, although it's difficult animation-wise.

[Various bits of wording here appear to be purposely cagey in regards to if it's a 'plot' sequel to Kizuna, even though it's obviously a few years later in the same original Adventure universe.]

At this point in time, the 02 movie is still in production so nothing is really finished yet and not even Producer Kinoshita has gotten a look. But they will have a clip ready for the evening DigiFes session. [It'll be interesting to see what they mean by 'clip ready' at this point. It may be heavily storyboard based potentially.]

Taguchi has actually not drawn up the storyboard for the 02 movie, leaving it to people he knows his age who have watched Digimon 'very deeply' and so have put in a lot of Easter eggs for the fans.

Taguchi's favorite movie is the Golden Digimentals, which he likes for its unorthodox and bold elements, and if he ever has a chance, he'd like to incorporate something like that into his works from scenario onward. He's been pretty vocal about this before



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