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Sep 8, 2006
A bit of an update...

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The LB Pop-Up Theater Twitter put up a preview image showing examples of what might appear in their Digimon fukubukuro (lucky bags).

The preview image doesn't clarify if these are random items 'overall' or expected content for a single bag, but what they show (with the MSRP) is a number of items from DigiFes that the Toei store has been restocking:
The Tailmon DigiDigi Cushion- 1,600 yen
Gabumon Digimon Stitches Mascot- 970 yen
Digimon Stitches Clear File, total pattern- 350 yen
Digimon Stitches Clear File, partner pattern- 350 yen

Also in the photo are what looks to be 2 cases. The look of them is familiar, but I don't recall if we've seen it before or if it's something new for the lucky bag (or has something new in it perhaps?)

The Limited Base Pop-Up Theater will sell 200 Digimon fukubukuro on January 2nd for 5,000 yen. There will be 200 bags total, with 6 items in each bag, including products that are exclusive to the fukubukuro.

Hopefully the photo is an example of what could go into bags, rather than a preview of a bag, as minus there being some surprise in those cases, it doesn't look like a good deal.

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