Poll Results for What 'Cool' Summer Activity do You Want to do with a Digimon?


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Sep 8, 2006

A bit ago, the official Digimon site put up a poll for what 'cool' summer activity do you want to do with a Digimon?

Recently the poll closed and we have the results!

And the winner is... Enjoy scuba diving with a Submarimon! And a special new piece of art to celebrate!


Thanks to everyone for all the votes.

The most votes cast in "What 'Cool' Summer Activity do You Want to do with a Digimon?" was 'Enjoy scuba diving on a Submarimon'!

You'd be able to ride Submarimon through the sea of the net, and enjoy the cool space by watching Digimon leaving in the sea on the right, left, top and bottom.

Second place goes to DaiPenmon's homemade shaved ice. Shaved from Kakikaki-kun and Kochikochi-kun [the giant ice chunks it holds], and drizzled with syrup, the shaved ice is to die for.

Third place is a survival snowball fight with Chakmon, where you use launchers to shoot snowballs at each-other. It feels good to get hit, playing with the cold snowball fight in the hot summer ranked high.

All of these are things I'd like to try at least once to cool off with Digimon.

To commemorate the 1st place winner 'Enjoy scuba diving on a Submarimon', we're made an illustration.

Enjoy the cool summer by enjoying fun together with Digimon!

The full results they gave was a chart showing the percentages.


(In order from the above image)

Enjoy scuba diving with a Submarimon- 29% (light blue)
Having Daipenmon's Homemade Shaved Ice- 21% (orange)
A survival snowball fight, where you and Chakmon are shooting snowballs at each-other with launchers- 11% (gray)
A sub-zero world created by Sorcerimon using magic- 11% (yellow)
Have a fountain bath from the spray of Whamon- 11% (blue)
A Curling Showdown with Penmon- 9% (green)
A 'Rukamon Show' where you get splashed by water from dynamic jumps- 8% (dull blue)

The results for this one are quite fun, especially since there wasn't really one that dropped off that much from most of the others.

Update- An alternate version of the art from Digimon Web on Twitter.


Slightly different size and lighting in this version.

The poll for 'What Summer Activity do You Want to do with a Digimon?' had results announced recently.

The poll for 'What Digimon Festival Stall Would You Visit?' is still open.


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Sparrow Hawk

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Feb 23, 2007
Oh yes! So good it won 1st spot! Glad I voted for that awesome Submarimon! Shame Hawkmon or his Armor evo didn't join in that image....

But... I didn't expect Rukamon's Show that gets the last place. I'm so sure the Dolphin's splashing show is popular for people and their favorite dolphins. To think it actually isn't... How sad.

Surprised Daipenmon with shaved ice is 2nd. Pretty much more simpler than... the Dolphin's Splash show.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
Well at least the art is cool. Like they always are. Interesting choices though.