Poll Results for Favorite Guest Digimon from Adventure:


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006

A bit ago, the official Digimon site put up a poll for which guest Digimon that the kids met was your favorite.

Recently the poll closed and we have the results!

And the winner is... Rebellimon!


Thank you everyone for all the votes!

From Digimon Adventure:, the Digimon that was most voted on as one that left a lasting impression on you during the long adventure was...


He appears in episode 54, The Vagrant War Demon, Rebellimon.

He used to throw himself into fighting. But when he meets Taichi & Agumon, he learns that the true way to increase his power is protecting someone. He defeats the mighty enemy Boltmon in order to protect Cutemon.

And his face seems... somewhat nostalgic? Such is the case with Rebellimon, who shined and took first place!

2nd place was Leomon, 3rd place was Lopmon, and 4th place was Komondomon! They are Digimon who helped & guided Taichi & his friends in their adventures.

What kind of Digimon can we expected to meet in Digimon Ghost Game?

Please look forward to that also!

The full results they gave was a chart showing the percentages.


(In order from the above image)

Rebellimon- 15% (Dull Blue)
Leomon- 9% (Orange)
Lopmon- 8% (Gray)
Komondomon- 7% (Yellow)
Valdrmon- 7% (Blue)
Strabimon- 6% (Green)
Petaldramon- 5% (Dark Blue)
Lunamon- 5% (Brick Red/Orange)
Guardromon- 4% (Dark Gray)
ElDoradimon- 3% (Brown)
Whamon- 3% (Darker Dull Blue)
Garbemon- 3% (Dark Green)
Machmon- 3% (Light Blue)
Gravimon- 3% (Light Orange)
Potemon- 2% (Light Gray)
Junkmon- 2% (Yellow)
Cutemon- 2% (Light Blue)
Funbeemon- 2% (Light Green)
Wisemon- 2% (Dark Blue)
MarineAngemon- 2% (Dark Orange)
Pomemon- 2% (Dull Gray)
Nohemon- 2% (Light Brown)
Burgamon- 1% (Light Blue)
Neemon- 1% (Green)
Babamon- 1% (Dull Blue)
Nanimon- 1% (Light Orange)
Golemon- 0.4% (Light Gray)

Rebellimon won by a small bit. Much of the poll was spread out pretty wide, with a few higher up at the top, btu everyone lower coming out somewhat even. Except poor Golemon.

The poll for 'What Digimon Festival Stall Would You Visit?' had results announced recently.

The poll for 'Favorite Digimon Fought Against in Adventure:' closes shortly.


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Sparrow Hawk

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Feb 23, 2007
This poll results surprised me and I question too many things!

My vote for Fanbeemon is 2%?! Tch

I'm shocked Valdurmon was showing up only with just its "dead ghost" appearances yet this is 7%?!!
I was under impression of both Falcomon forms' evo lines weren't very impressive for Japan but that is why I'm shocked at this.

How did it come to Whamon and Lunamon slightly got higher votes despite Whamon had three appearances and Lunamon is just... Washing the transport type digimons. Well I think Lunamon got fans maybe?

Strabimon got high votes heh but Petaldramon is next to him, he sure gained some strong support.
Oddly I read some comments saying Frontier was low rated in Japan but look at that result.

Oh poor Golemon maybe because of his slow voice?

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
That makes sense. Sadly Golemon. But hey, everyone loved the dogbus. Which is one of the best new Mon they had. But they didn't love him enough. Which is OK.


I come from the net
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Feb 4, 2018
Komondomon was basically the unofficial 17rh main character. I wouldn’t count him as a guest . . .