Poll Results for 2nd Favorite Digimon TV Anime Theme Song


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Sep 8, 2006

A bit ago, the official Digimon site put up a poll for 2nd Favorite Digimon TV Anime Theme Song (specifically which you would want to sing in karaoke 2nd!)

Recently the poll closed and we have the results!

This second round is being done because so many people voted for Butter-Fly in the original one, that it functionally broke the results, so a new poll where Butter-Fly isn't eligible was done, as the prior winner.

And the winner is... The Biggest Dreamer!


Thanks for all your votes.

The Digimon TV anime theme song that you want to sing as the second song, not as the last or the first song, if you went to karaoke was...
The Biggest Dreamer by Wada Kouji (from Digimon Tamers)!

In the 63rd poll, Butter-Fly was 1st and 2nd was The Biggest Dreamer, as a song that would raise the tension.

2nd place is Target ~Red Crash~ by Wada Kouji (from Digimon Adventure 02), which is 2nd now, unlikely in the 63rd.
3rd place was Fire!! by Wada Kouji (from Digimon Frontier), the same as the 63rd!

Digimon has a wide variety of songs including OPS, EDs, inserts, and character songs, so please feel free to sing a lot of Digimon songs and have fun!

They gave the partial results, as they announced they would last time, the top 7 with no percentages:
The Biggest Dreamer by Wada Kouji from Digimon Tamers
Target ~Red Crash~ by Wada Kouji from Digimon Adventure 02
Fire!! by Wada Kouji from Digimon Frontier
Faction by Wienners from Digimon Ghost Game
Hirari by Wada Kouji from Digimon Savers
Stand Up by Twill from Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time
Unidentified Airship by Takayoshi Tanimoto from Digimon Adventure:

Some interesting changes from last time.

The poll for 'Favorite Digimon TV Anime Theme Song' (First Place) had results announced a bit ago.

The poll for 'Parts 1 and 2 of the Digimon Evolution Vote' closed and results will be announced in February.

The poll for 'Digimon Con Commemorative Project- Let's make it together! T-Shirt project!' will closed soon.


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Jan 21, 2011
A bit more interesting of a result, though still predictable. The Biggest Dreamer was at the top, which makes sense as it was just behind Butterfly in the last poll, and the other Wada Kouji songs made Top five in this list with some shuffling with Target moving ahead of Fire and Faction sneaking ahead of Hirari. The one song that caught my eye here has to be Stand Up, as in the previous poll Never Give Up made Top seven with the former not being present, yet here the latter's nowhere to be found and Stand Up got the sixth slot. Kind of interesting as I usually hear more praise for Never Give Up out of the XW songs.
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Sep 10, 2006
That makes sense. We figured we knew what would win. But it's interesting to see what ranked where after the obvious ones.