Pendulum Z Playing Overview Part 2 from MonMon Memo


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Sep 8, 2006

Time for a new MonMon Memo! MonMon Memo 56 continues the quick play overview of what you do in the Pendulum Z.

This is pretty basic going over what to expect to see in the V-Pet, so we're using the machine translation from the site for now.

MonMon Memo 55 was interview content. We'll post it if/when there is time to a proper translation of it.

Have you made a reservation for "Digimon

We are accepting acclaim until 23:00 on November 27th. Please check it out!


This Monmon Memo is the second part of the play review of Vol.54!

I would like to play a communication match with "Digimon

The previous (Vol.54) BABOONGAMON also continued to grow and grew into a GOGMAMON

The battle is getting better and we are looking for new opponents ...

So here is the opponent this time!

"DEEP SAVERS" where many Digimon living in the sea appear!


It seems that it has grown to Shellmon


Shellmon here, but today I heard that you can see further evolution from here.

Yes, new possibilities of Digimon

The hidden strength of Shellmon

Jogres opponent is ShellNumemon!


What Digimon will it be ... I'm thrilled.

It's Jogres!



Shellmon × ShellNumemon Jogres ... Successful!

Shellmon has evolved from PIRANIMON

It's one of the new characters this time!


This guy looks strong ...

There is no shortage for the other party.

Let's challenge the battle with GOGMAMON when the level difference is also matched!


Pendulum from COUNT display!

Battle started!


The result of the battle is ... Piranhamon's victory!

It was a little more ...! It was pretty tough ...

It seems that there is still room for strength.

I want to revenge someday ...!

How was the experience report of Digimon

Everyone who is itching until it arrives! This is scheduled to be shipped in November ...!

We hope you will look forward to it for a while until you meet a new Digimon

See you again in the next update! See you!

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Feb 13, 2011
slap some mollusks together and you get a fish


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Jan 25, 2017
Was this suggesting you can Jogress from the book with just 1 device? Hard to say. We'll know soon I suppose.


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Nov 4, 2020
Was this suggesting you can Jogress from the book with just 1 device? Hard to say. We'll know soon I suppose.
Actually no, the Z series shares the backup function of the X series. So what Actually happend is that he raised a shellnumemon, backed it up onto slot B, and Jogressed it into the shellmon he was raising.