November V-Jump- Capsule Mascot Premium & Digital Monster X Updates, More Figures


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Sep 8, 2006
Finally V-Jump time!

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First up, a quick explanation why there was a delay this month. As far as we can tell just no one scanned it, and the handful of photos that were taken previously had a lot missing. It likely wasn't scanned because the people who scan stuff likely didn't deem anything to be 'important', but there are a few interesting things for Digimon fans this month.

At this point we appear to have everything minus the game pages, which are likely general previews without much, if anything, new.

So on to the info!

The first page (above) features some figure news. Digivolving Spirits BlackWarGreymon and Precious GEM Angewomon Holy Arrow Version have been detailed pretty highly at this point, and the previews here just go over them again.

At the bottom we get an update for an item that was previewed awhile back. The first series of the Digital Monster Capsule Mascot Collection Premium!

We knew BlitzGreymon was coming for this, but we get a new render of him. On top of that we also get renders of Meramon and Airdramon, who will each be included in the first series!

Unlike the new normal ones, it appears there are not 'gashapon' style and you just get the full box.

The set of 3 costs 4,611 yen (before tax is added.) Pre-orders will open later in September and ship in February.

Next up...

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Some Digital Monster X updates! (A slightly less clear photo was posted elsewhere on the forum.)

We get to see the sprites for a number of X-Antibody Digimon here with some pretty good designs for them.

As for new details...

The new information ends up breaking down as such:
MetalGreymon X and Leomon X will show up in the Black.
Growmon X will show up in the White.

From the X-Antibody fan vote:
Minervamon X will be the Black.
RhodoKnightmon X will be in the White.
Interestingly, both of them are shown in their normal forms. Likely the artwork wasn't ready in time for publishing.

On top of that, we get a sample of a few cut-in animations, including what appears to be Erismon.

Some updated translations of a few things will be coming soon.

If the other 2 pages show up we will update with them.

Thanks to maypaszu for the images.


I'm going digital
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Apr 30, 2017
Knew I was gonna have to get BlitzGreymon, but didn't expect the other two! Always been a Meramon fan, so I'll def be getting the set.

Seymour Butz

I'd rather roll
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Dec 2, 2009
Gosh those designs are sex. It’s easy to forget it when you’re not looking at them and only have the general form in your head, but when a magazine runs an ad depicting them in all their glory you’re reminded that War Greymon X and Metal Garurumon X are just stupendous.

Unknown Neo

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Sep 10, 2006
That is really interesting. The info makes a lot of sense and I can agree, the art does look really nice.


Junior Commander
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Apr 11, 2017
Meramon looks really amazing there!

Wonder if anymore new Gem figs coming soon