Next Order Vita/PS4 Comparison and Official Digimon Gaming Twitter and Facebook


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
2 bits of game news today.

The first is that Bandai-Namco Japan has put up a video comparing the original Vita version of Next Order and the upcoming PS4 version.

It shows off all the various graphical updates and changes to areas in the game.

Many of these places we've seen in photos and in bits of video, but seeing them side by side with the Vita version shows in some cases just how many changes are in being made.

Image Thumbnail

In addition, an official Twitter account for Digimon video games has been opened.

So while no specific game news, it seems Bandai believes they should have a Twitter account for Digimon games. Which is interesting since it suggests they think they will need it. No Digimon games are currently announced for an English release after Next Order in late January.

Update- Thanks to Presenex for pointing out they've also opened a Facebook.

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Mar 10, 2007
United States
Looking good, much more than remodeled assets and an HD texture pack. Dynamic shadows and lighting, higher draw distance, higher resolution and framerate, new particle effects and anti-aliasing all seem to make an appearance. I don't know the technical terms for it, but the reworked terrain (geometry?) and water effects are also looking great. They could have just thrown together a half-baked port and gotten away with it, but it seems they really took their time with this one and made it a proper upgrade. They have my pre-order money.