News Bits- Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Shikishi Campaign, Card Game Images, & Agumon and Gabumon Mascots


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Sep 8, 2006

The Digimon Adventure: Twitter has tweeted about a fun campaign they are doing to celebrate there being 3 days left until Adventure: begins.

They have 3 shikishis be Kenji Watanabe to give away in a campaign.

Today they are showing off the Agumon one. (Which they uploaded a great high resolution photo of!)

Follow the Digimon Adventure: Twitter and RT this tweet:

Winners will be DMed and it looks like they'll be adding your name to the shikishi before it ships.

Deadline is 4/17.

2 more to see...

Next up, a few small card game updates...

We found out about a week ago that Amazon Japan was getting an exclusive bundle of all 3 Digimon Card Game starter decks with a card storage box. We have a much better image of the storage box now.

And also, a bonus item for early buyers in Japan...

Those who buy a starter deck from any number of card shops will get 5 limited edition digitama sleeves. These will last until they run out.

And last up...

Agumon & Gabumon from right before the premiere/preview event a few days ago.


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