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Dec 11, 2014
I thought it was pretty clear that Meicrackmon needed to be in the digital space in order for the reboot to affect her.
It is why the entire last arc of the film happens.
The last arc of the third movie was the battle against Meicrackmon. At first, the Digidestined only try to stop Meicrackmon (they don't know the reboot will start). When the reboot start, the Digimon try to put all the Digimon in Koushiro's cube (to protect their memories).

It's only in the last minutes that HerculesKabuterimon throw away all the Digimon in the digital space. It can be other interpretations about his reasons for doing this.

The thing is that we don't have a confirmation that they need to be in the digital space to be affected for the reboot.
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Oct 16, 2017
Also in last trailer we see magnadramon so it's clear gatomon will separate from meicoomon and if so brings the question why would they need a new omnimon form if that was the case. Might be possible for some reason even with gatomons split with meicoomon it might have maintained it's ordinemon form or possibly both meicoomon and gatomons are both separated but ordinemon still exists. The place we see kari talking to gatomon so does meicoomon and meiko.
There are also other possible villains, a resurrected Apocalymon, Demiurge/Yggdrasil, or the mysterious man/dark gennai.
And the new Omegamon is merciful. This may lead to a completely different kind of interaction between the chosen and the final villain.
Yeah it's possible a new villain will pop in last second we also need to wrap up the ygdrassil, alphamon, meiko and dark gennai plot points.


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Mar 1, 2017
To be fair, digimon names are usually only for design direction and sounding cool. They rarely have anything to do with how they act or what their role is in the story. We might see this "Merciful Mode" cut a guy in two. :p
For names like crimson mode or blast mode, I completely agree with you. Such a name doesn't have anything to do with what the digimon is gonna do or how it will behave. But there are mode names who are indicative of a specific feature governing the owner's actions, behaviors, etc. Like sleep mode, rage mode, vicious mode, and fall down mode. The name meeciful is a weird name for a knight with a cannon and a katana that really needs to be justified either in the anime story or in his DRB profile.
More importantly, it's the plot that has sometimes something to do with the name. Like how going beyond ultimate resulted in a mode change in savers and the name was closely related to the process.
To wrap it up, a plot can result in a name that can itself govern the personality or other characteristics of the owner.