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Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
New sections have been added

if all goes well me and gears and possibly another admin will go thru the rules point by point and come up with a new rules list along with rules for the new sections

if you think any new sections are needed or any of the current arent needed pm me with the reasons why

---New Forums/Changes to old forums-----
1. gaming has been changed to specifically be for video games
2. under gaming there is now forums for digimon electronics/v-pets and digimon cards
3. there is a new section for 'other shows' under Straight from Japan [and elsewhere], subsections will be added for a few anime (1 section per show decided that it needs one), american comedies (1 section), american cartoons (1 section), american dramas (1 section), tokusatsu (1 section), and j/k-drama (1 section). feel free to suggest more to be added. (stuff not for shows/areas that have their own subsections will go under anime/comics/videogames as always)
4. digimon fandubbing has been removed
5.wtw imageboard and oekaki (under artwork and graphics) have been removed (imageboard and oekaki will get their own sections thatll be accessible in other ways when they are done)
6. seperate sections for shows and 'categories' have been added under other shows, we havent added descriptions for them yet, so pm me with suggestions for the subforum descriptions. the best ones will be used if better ones arent thought of.