My Your Lie In April Fanfic (His Lie In April - SPOILERS)


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Aug 26, 2009
Washington state
Well, forum, hello. I'm still here, and I thought I'd share a fanfic idea, which I have written part of so far, and I have marked this post with SPOILERS for those not familiar with the original manga/anime Your Lie in April and/or this new story, so read at your own risk. With that said...

(SPOILERS START HERE) Your Lie in April fanfic explores this: "What if the roles in the story were reversed, if Kousei had the disease, and Kaori was the one that didn't?"

One thing that I have explored (and am writing as of right now) is a fanfic where this is the case.

In the fic, sadly, Kousei loses his will to live extremely quickly as his condition deterioriates and commits suicide; this leaves Kaori wrecked emotionally, and she threatens to both give up the violin and withdraw from the competition completely.

Some people say that reversing the fates in the story defeats its purpose. I beg to differ. I say this: There still would be a story. It would instead deal with Kaori trying to come to terms with how Kousei was falling apart.... and what she will do if and when he dies. The story would take on a different scope, IMO.

Since I don't get to write stories like this too often, I have an unstructured way of writing things, and a friend of mine helps me out with writing part of the story.

Also, one person told me that the story would be sorta like the 2012 Jojo Moyes novel (and 2016 movie) Me Before You, of which I've seen the movie. So, there will be homages to it, and the 1991 film My Girl. :) - I also have a logo for this story. The Japanese title swaps out one kanji; it is now known as "Shigatsu no KARE no Uso."

OK, that's all! Tell me what you all think, and let me know if you have any ideas, or if you want to see what will happen in the story, PM me. Cheers! :D
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