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Jun 17, 2015
So, this won't be terribly original, but after reading a bunch of stuff on Digital World history and (a while back) coming across some possible early origin lore for Digital Monsters, I felt like making a rough timeline/sequence of events for fun. So without further ado, here it is:

My Digimon Continuity

* Digital Monsters were primitive programs that evolved on the network from various pieces of programs, viruses, and other abandoned software.

*They were discovered by programmers who isolated them and created a virtual environment for them to inhabit for research purposes. The virtual environment (known as the Digital World) grew as the Digimon evolved and multiplied. A host supercomputer, code-named Yggdrasill, was set to monitor and conduct experiments in the Digital World as the project became too large for the researchers to handle alone.

* Eventually, a hacker group known as the Crack Team discovered their existence and began to use Digimon in their hacking exploits. From there, the existence of Digimon began to become public knowledge, as even regular people, who called themselves Tamers, sought ways to capture and tame Digimon.

* These Tamers developed and used tools called Digivices (which developed into more and more sophisticated forms with each version) to raise their Digimon and compete with other Tamers.

* As Digimon became more widespread, other private groups began developing their own virtual spaces to research and conduct experiments on them. These became other "Digital Worlds", and cross contamination between them and the first Digital World was know to happen.

* Eventually the main Digital World, hosted by Yggdrasill, got to full capacity and was no longer able to carry out it's necessary functions. To solve this problem, Yggdrasill executed the X-Program, which eliminated 99% of all Digimon, sparing only those who Yggdrasill deemed fit to continue the experiment.

* An unintended side effect was that the Digital world itself suffered a great deal of damage. To save the remaining Digimon, Yggdrasill created a pocket space in the Cloud, known as the New Digital World, and sealed off the Old Digital World until it could be recovered.

* Prior to closing the pathway to the Old Digital World, a breed of Digimon who had developed an immunity to the X-Program in the form of the X-Antibody escaped into the New Digital World.

* The Royal Knights, servants of Yggdrasill and partners to some of the researchers in charge of the project, were ordered to exterminate the X-Antibody Digimon, but there was disagreement between some of the researchers (and their Digimon) about whether to allow this. Eventually, after a long battle and the appearance of a powerful Digimon born out of all the death that had thusfar occurred during the crisis threatened the entire project (and was defeated by some of the new experimental Digimon and their Tamers), it was decided to let the X-Antibody Digimon live.

* Ten years later, Yggdrasill detected a lowering of the concentration of the X-Program in the Old Digital World, and sent two of it's Royal knights equipped with the X-Antibody to investigate.

* The two Royal knights returned to report that the Old Digital World was in chaos, a constant war by the remaining Digimon to assert their dominance over the world.

* Desiring to regain some sort of order, Yggdrasill sent Jesmon, also equipped with the X-Antibody, to assist his fellow Royal knights.

* Upon seeing the chaos and carnage of the ODW, Jesmon devised a plan whereby the current ruling Digimon would challenge each other in single combat. The winner would aquire the loser's territory, until whoever conquered the entire Digital World would be allowed to decide it's fate.
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Mar 5, 2014