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May 9, 2010
Just know that everyone can have their own personal thread here. This thread will contain my life, either its math, games, TCGs, my job, my family, my loneliness, my story of being bullied, and even my love story. Anything I am in a mood to write. And this time I want to share what happened two days ago. It's just trivial, but I want to share it anyway and ask for your suggestions.

#1. Will My Ex Come Back?

Two days ago, at 07.00 A.M, out of nowhere my ex texted me saying "Call me ASAP". I couldn't do so soon, because and I said that I would do after my worktime, or during the lunch break. She agreed to be called at 11.45 A.M.. I was curious why she wanted me to call her, and when I did...

Me: "Hello."
My Ex: "Hello."
Me: "Why did you ask me to call you?"
My Ex: "Nothing."
Annoyed, I tried to bait her to know what's her intention.
Me: "Do you miss me?"
My Ex: "Um, I don't know."
Me: "I want to meet you."
My Ex: "When?"
Me: "Will you be able on Sunday?"
My Ex: "I can't. I am going to meet that guy." (she had told me about her crush before)
Me: "Oh yeah. Hope you can be happy."
My Ex: "And how's that girl you told me?"
Me: "I don't really care. I want to be back with you."
My Ex: "I've already moved on from you."
Me: "Oh, well."
My Ex: "You often send greetings to me, don't you?"
Me: "Said who?"
My Ex: "It's a secret."
Me: "I guess it's Ama."
My Ex: "Yes."
Me: "What did she say?"
My Ex: "You got a greeting."
Me: "Then?"
My Ex: "I know who it is."
Me: "........"
We then talked about various things, like what we're doing at the time. And then I remembered that some nights before, I dreamed about her.
Me: "Some nights ago, I dreamed about you."
My Ex: "What were you dreaming?"
Me: "I was in a city buss, passing a highway, and saw you there."
My Ex: "What was I doing there?"
Me: "Just standing. Then, we looked at each other. But you threw my face away from me after that. What does it mean?"
My Ex: "I don't know."
Me: "Maybe I am just missing you so much that I dreamed about you."
My Ex: "Oh..."
Me: "Do you miss me?"
My Ex: "Yeah, like I can say."
And then we talked about her school life, about math, etc. Then I also remembered that I thought one of my workmates's face was similar to hers.
Me: "Oh yeah, in my workplace, there's someone whose face is similar to yours."
My Ex: "Who?"
Me: "Her name is Dwi. I think you both look similar."
My Ex: "Why don't you try to make her your girlfriend?"
Me: "She has had fiancee already."
My Ex: "I hope they'll break up so you can have a chance."
Me: "Why do you like when people are breaking up?"
We then were joking so much and laughing a lot, until she realized it.
My Ex: "Why are you laughing so much?"
Me: "Why? I myself just realized that after all this time, this is the first time I heard you laugh."
My Ex: "But you laugh a lot."
Me: "Do you prefer I am angry a lot?"
My Ex: "Yes."
Me: "Uh?"
My Ex: "I want to see you angry."
Me: "Why?"
My Ex: "Because I never had. You are not able to be angry, are you?" (she said it in a cheerful way)
We then were joking again. Unfortunately, someone came sitting near me and took a rest there. So I chose to end the conversation.

What do you guys think about it? Do we still have a chance to be together again?