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Sep 15, 2021
Hey, Digimon fans, my name BrokenLock and I have decided to create a pitch for a Digimon game/story
Now I understand that posting about something this ambitious would be interpreted as somewhat gauche but I genuinely want to make something other Digimon fans can enjoy, and by that, I mean pitching a story idea for a Digimon story/game.
I have been working on the basic synopsis, characters, and their Digivolution lines for their Partner Digimon, and so this post is meant to showcase the basic information in which I have assembled regarding this pitch. But you don't care about this mumbo jumbo about planning, I'm sure you just want to see what I have decided upon and come up with regarding this story/game
(Note; These are just the main ideas I have and once I have assembled a few others who wish to assist me in this task, we can discuss the story, character progression, and various other aspects of this story/game amongst ourselves)

Here is the story I have in mind:
"The Digital World was once a peaceful, safe place, one where the Digimon who lived in the world had not experienced war in hundreds of years, all thanks to the protection given to them by the royal knights, a group of some of the strongest Digimon, protecting the world from The Dark Area, a place where all demon and fallen angel resided, along with the 7 most evil Digimon of all time: The 7 Demon Lords. However, one day, the peace in the Digital World mutated into chaos; The Dark Area had planned an attack on the Digital World, with the 7 Demon Lords being the masterminds behind this attack, with it all being lead by Lucemon, the leader and founder of the 7 Demon Lords, with the aid of the Nightmare Soldiers. Due to the surprise of this attack, The Royal Knights found themselves unable to swiftly and elegantly deal with the borderline overwhelming forces of The Dark Area, resulting in the Digital World becoming divided, with each location being each type of Digimon Field; Nature Spirits, Deep Savers, Wind Guardians, Metal Empire, Knightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters, Dragon's Roar, and Jungle Troopers. With the world now divided more than ever, the Digital World entered an era of uncomfortable, manufactured peace, with each Area being lead by 1 or 2 of the Royal Knights, so they could both monitor and help each of the Areas. However, with the Knightmare Soldiers now being on the side of evil, The Royal Knights realised that the Digital World was now in its Darkest Hour, now resulting in the group deciding that the only way they could truly fight back was to summon a group of humans, as humans would be able to give the Digital World a fighting chance. When the Royal Knights finally decided that they should summon a group of humans, something went terribly wrong; The humans ended up landing in separate parts of the digital world, and this was no accident, as unknown to the Royal Knights, there was a traitor among them. After realising this, the group eventually developed suspicion and mistrust regarding each other, having the seeds of doubt sown into their minds, resulting in each member of the group beginning to work alone, with Omnimon truly wanting to give the Digital World a fighting chance, making it his personal duty to locate the humans and have them save the Digital World from destruction."

Characters for this story (& What element they use):
Hinoko (Female) Youichirou (Male) Akahoshi (Fire/15) - The protagonist of the story. Lost in the digital world with barely any recollection of who they were other than their names, they have decided to try and save the digital world from the threat which it faces, and along the way, try and remember who they are and why they ended up in the digital world in the first place.
(Note; the reason as to why the protagonist is either male or female is to decide on either; if we want the character of the story to be a male or female or for the game, these are the canon names of the male and female player characters)

Fuuyo Umehara (Wind/13/Male) - The best way one could describe Fuuyo is how he is rather different from other people, possessing a rather savant-like personality regarding his extraordinary memory as well as showing in-depth, explanatory aspects within his interests as a person, most noticeably with his love for puzzle solving, being able to talk about what goes into making a puzzle and the amount of fun he feels about both being able to create a puzzle for someone or solve one himself. However, Fuuyo as a person is also rather quiet, preferring to keep himself to himself and very clearly struggles with a conversation, often misinterpreting sarcastic comments and high contextual information in a specific conversation, which has lead to bullying and tormenting comments from his peers at schools, only adding to Fuuyo's struggle with social anxiety. As a person, Fuuyo does not possess a great amount of confidence, especially when it comes to social situations, often preferring to rely on others and do talking for him, and because Fuuyo is not very talented at recognising facial expressions or reading other people's emotions very well, but this does not mean Fuuyo is not incapable of empathising or caring about other people, to the point that Fuuyo will often try and see the good in other people, trying his best to understand unobtainable context regarding someone's life or emotions, and thus results in him having an incredibly high amount of empathy and sympathy for those around him, especially those he cares for.

Suzu Raigaku (Lightning/16/Female) - As a person, Suzu is outgoing, compassionate, upbeat, but is also calm and friendly. As a teen model, Suzu is reasonably popular amongst her peers, often being respected by girls for her beauty and elegant nature while also being popular with boys, given her being in fashion magazines targeted to people around Suzu's age group. Due to being a model since she was young, she has had to go through a series of challenges to achieve a necessary look or style for a specific photoshoot, such as being put on strict diets, making sure she works out to a certain degree, and overall attempts to restrain herself from things which could negatively affect her as well as trying to force herself into things which she does not want to. Despite her being somewhat mentally tough due to her training since youth, these routines and exercises have somewhat caused Suzu to become rather submissive regarding her social life, often letting other people make decisions for her over what she wants to do, such as preferring to be led than be a leader or going along with what other people would be more interested in doing, and this mentality can sometimes result in her narrowly escaping situations which could potentially really affect her as an individual. Despite this submissive nature, Suzu is very supportive and caring to those whom she cares about, often doing her best to encourage them regardless of what they're doing, and has made a subtle habit of pointing their good qualities, not as much regarding their negative qualities as she fears that she may say the wrong thing and potentially offend or upset someone.

Ryusei Takaishi (Earth/17/Male) - Ryusei is a very karate practitioner, being a member of his school's martial arts club, ranking as the best member of their karate team. As a person, Ryusei enjoys defending and supporting other people, whether that be physically or emotionally, while also possessing a rather stubborn and solid composure, finding it hard to give up on something once he has put his mind to it, such as helping someone through a tough time in their life. Even though he is very emotionally intelligent and caring, he is not the brightest individual, often doing below average on tests and being somewhat slower on the uptake, which results in people sometimes explaining the situation to Ryusei. Despite being slower on the update, Ryusei is very much someone who believes in justice and helping others should be something seen as a strength rather than a weakness, understanding that not everyone has someone in their lives who can support or defend them, resulting in Ryusei believing that burdens are easier to deal with when someone is there to help you through tough times. The reason why Ryusei believes so strongly in defending others is because of how he was bullied growing up, and no one was really there to stand up for him, which has developed into a sense of justice and service to others.

Tsugumi Ichinose (Water/16/Female) - On the surface, Tsugumi appears to be the ideal Japanese student, having some of the highest grades in her school, attending cram school whenever she can, and is also a member of her school's student council, being very analytical, level-headed and diligent when she interacts with people, almost having a stuck-up, invasive personality in which can cause others to find her annoying. In truth, Tsugumi suffers from very low self-esteem due to high expectations in her everyday life, her parents being very accomplished in their lives as well as being in a position which is seen as one of the most respectable positions to be in regarding a school environment, and because of these situations, she believes that she needs to live up to the pressures surrounding her, along with having no real support system to use to express how she feels regarding something. Despite suffering from such heavy expectations and feeling like a burden to others, she cares very deeply for other people and is willing to serve them in ways she can realistically do, such as attempting to nurture both other students and members of her fellow student council. Even though she is level-headed and logical, she is prone to making rash decisions due to her feelings of uselessness and her desire to do something to help others, which often results in just making a situation worse, and during her time in the Digital World, because of everything that is happening she believes that she needs to help save the Digital World by herself and sometimes uses force to prevent people from helping her, out of her fear of being a burden to others. Outside of her school life, Tsugumi does have quite a few interests, such as her love for action movies.

Minato Kurosaki (Darkness/16/Male) - Minato is outwardly very well-mannered, charismatic, and soft-spoken, and also possessing a strong sense of personal justice, being the type of person to take matters into his own hands, and often prefers to work by himself, for himself, but he isn't so prideful to prevent others from achieving a similar goal, he would just rather achieve it by himself. Even though Minato can appear almost airheaded and aloof to others, he is very intelligent, specifically in his planning and strategizing, which he learned how to do due to being an expert shogi player, defeating high-school students when he was nine and has barely lost any matches. Because of how Minato grew up from a tender age learning Shogi, he enjoys treating various situations as a game of Shogi, often applying ideas and plans in certain predicaments in the face of adversary, both making him a dangerous enemy or an excellent ally. However, despite being so intelligent, this can also be a curse for him because people will often want or expect him to be good at what he is and thus it causes Minato to feel burdened by the expectations of those around him and causes him to feel frustrated by how he never feels good enough along with rather wanting to be appreciated for who he is as a person over his intelligence.

The character's Digimon Partners:
Hinoko/Youichirou Akahoshi - Starter options: Agumon, Gabumon, or Biyomon (This can be changed to be one Digimon if needed)

Fuuyo Umehara - Hawkmon > Aquilamon > Silphymon > Valkyrimon

Suzu Raigaku - Tentomon > Kabuterimon > MegaKabuterimon > HerculesKabuterimon

Ryusei Takaishi - Armadillomon > Ankylomon > Triceramon > Spinomon

Tsugumi Ichinose - Gomamon > Submarimon > Mermaimon > AncientMermaimon

Minato Kurosaki - Monodramon > DarkLizardmon > Gigadramon > Darkdramon

I hope you enjoyed reading my pitch for this story I have decided to share if you are interested in working with me on this and if you have any particular questions please contact me through my messages and we can further discuss it. I am so very happy that you took the time to read as much as you did of my pitch, thank you for your time