My Band Just Put Out an Album (A Post About Dreams)


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Dec 5, 2007
Sometimes I get to thinking about all the time I've spent on WtW over the years. Some of those years IRL were really great, some were really rough -- but it's been a safe haven for me in a lot of ways. It's crazy thinking back to my 14-18 year old self and all of my dreams, what I hoped to accomplish, what I took for granted...but one thing I've always wanted to accomplish is to put out an album.

My 18 year old self only fantasized about it because I felt like I had 0 musical talent/ability and -100 singing ability even though I was always listening to music...I looked up to a lot of musicians but obviously I love Digimon and whether I was a kid, teenager, or adult, I've always thought Wada Kouji was so cool! Ever since he passed away, I've thought about him a lot and it gave me the strength to keep trying and push on with our songs because Digimon music gave me lot of courage over the being able to look back on that version of myself and see that I'm stronger now after actually doing it is so empowering! I was able to accomplish something I never though I could pull off and all it took was determination, hard work, and wasn't always pretty but I kind of feel like I evolved a stage!

Anyways, I just wanted to share since I've seen a few other posts about hopes and dreams over the past little bit in here...I really do believe that no matter how rough things get, keep believing and pushing and if it's something you really do love, I think there's always a chance for it to work out. Good luck fellow WtWers!

If you'd like to check out my band, we're called please save my earth and our album is leap year. It's on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and up for download on Bandcamp. Here's one of our songs on YouTube...there's some Digimon videos on the channel too if you're interested lol.