Music Video for Unidentified Airship, the Digimon Adventure: OP theme, Plus Cover for Career Along


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Sep 8, 2006

First shown as part of DigiFes, it's the short version of the music video for Unidentified Airship, the opening theme for Digimon Adventure:, by Takayoshi Tanimoto.

It's a relatively low key music video, potentially owing to the current realities of filming to some degree.

Nice to have it finally since we expected it much sooner (although much like the CD itself, likely delayed due to mastering issues.)

Hopefully with this being clarified as the 'short version' we get the 'long version' soon (likely around when the CD comes out.)

And that isn't a long wait...


The CD single for Unidentified Airship, by Takayoshi Tanimoto, will be 1,200 yen when it is released on August 19th.

The tracklist for the CD is:
Unidentified Airship (the OP for Digimon Adventure:)
Be the Winners (an insert song for Digimon Adventure: used for evolution/battles)
Karaoke versions of each
Unspecified 'other' songs, prior information clarified this as one more song and the karaoke version of that song.

Pre-orders are up at CDJapan for the CD. (affiliate link.)

Prior details about this release can be found here.

In addition, we just got the cover for Takayoshi Tanimoto's other CD release...


Career Along is a 'best of' CD for Tanimoto, also coming out on August 19th.

The full tracklist hasn't been announced, but 2 Digimon songs have been confirmed for it:
Unidentified Airship (the OP for Digimon Adventure:)
Dark Knight -The Invincible Champion- (insert song from Digimon Xros Wars)

They've also confirmed Ku-Zen-Zetsu-Go (opening theme to the second series of Dragon Ball Kai in Japan) prior to this, but have now announced Career Along will be 40 tracks long (20, and then karaoke for those 20.)

Pre-orders aren't open yet, but it will be 2,286 yen and they have said it will be a limited release in some fashion (they haven't clarified if they mean only 'x' will be made, if it will only be made for a couple months, or if it will be store limited, etc.)

Some good music news, and hopefully we keep getting more for Digimon Adventure:.


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DigiKing Tamer

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May 24, 2016
Dunno if the music video itself will get a remake or not once the pandemic over at Japan ends, but this is still nice to watch nonetheless. :3

Edit: Also, he legit looks like he's doing a henshin pose at one point in this vid. Which is even funnier when taking into account that Frontier exists.


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Apr 11, 2017
lol He seems a little stiff

Cant wait for full version xD