More Items for Digimon Shop 3 at Pop-Up Theater, Including Card Game Promo Pack Bonus Item


Big Cheese
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Sep 8, 2006
Just a small update for the Digimon Shop 3 at Limited Base Pop-Up Theater shops.

2 more products have been announced for the shop, plus a promo...

Prior details, including product information can be found here.

Both shops will have 4 travel stickers that can be placed on your luggage featuring a few different familiar Digimon. Each is 700 yen.

Plus, another item we found out about recently...

The Digimon themed junior boxer brief 2 pack set will be sold at the shop for 1,080 yen beginning on July 31st.

And last up, an item we 'just' found out about...

The new promo pack will be available! Beginning on July 25th it will be given away to anyone who spends 1,000 yen or more at the shops. They will be given out one per person until they run out.

More info on the pop-up shops can be found here.